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Thread: Is this the End of Evony?

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    Default Is this the End of Evony?

    I have a few questions and observations?
    1. Is this the End of the Game? (Maybe)
    2. The last Promo we had was the 10Th Anniversary (Truth)
    3. We were told by the Community Manager that they would be doing better with Promos (False)
    4. They said there would be a Merger (False)
    5. Evony has no digital footprint in the game anymore (Truth)
    6. Evony and the Community Manager need to tell the members what’s going on so we can make up our minds to quit or stay.
    Submitted the Evony Community!

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    You should really move on. The game is dead.

    They cannot even release a new server, because there is no one on staff that knows how.

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    It’s actually kind of sad. I came back to the game about 18 months ago and played hardcore again for a total of 4 months I believe and it was just... dead. I haven’t found an MMO quite like Evony, and that sucks. Shout out to anyone that still plays the game, or reads these forums occasionally.

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    ...How are we going to keep playing if Adobe Flash disappears ?

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    You aren't. But it's OK - no one is here anyway.

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    I feel attacked.

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    It's getting increasingly impossible to play. With all flash being gotten blocked by Microsoft, and others yes it seems the day that happens it will be over unless there's a way of logging in outside those platforms. For now with great effort one can bypass the block temporarily but they've put out the notice it will be gone and Evony apparently are no longer providing any service or response for that matter- in fact may have reset my longest running account withno notice. I fully expect to try to log in one day and it will not be there - no explanation, no warning - just gone like my account. I wanted to stay until the end - maybe been the longest running player on it since it was Civony in Beta. Those of us that stuck through thick, thin and in between need closure. Many MMO games have come and gone - some with a bang - one last all out war. Some with a whimper - slinking off into unknown without a mention. some reboot into a better and newer version. I believe Evony tried valiently to do that. AGE 1 was supposed to be replaced long ago with age 2 but the age 1 players objected and stayed while age 2 languished. I haven't tried the mobile phone version - so maybe that is where Evony has gone. My current phone isn't equipped for video gaming so until I have one that is I won't know if that worked or not. I'll miss it when it's gone anyway. For me it's been like watching a dying star for a while now.
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    Default Is this the end?

    Sad Evony isn't talking to its customers. I guess that speaks volumns its self. If anyone hears anything, let us all know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KingRD View Post
    Sad Evony isn't talking to its customers. I guess that speaks volumns its self. If anyone hears anything, let us all know.

    Please, Evony, let us know what's going on.

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    This game died years ago, like 10 years ago. It used to be good fun but was destroyed by the cheats and useless administrators that refused to put gamers above profit. If you are playing now, find something else because this won’t get any better.
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