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Thread: Is this the End of Evony?

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    people still play?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beallthere View Post
    ...How are we going to keep playing if Adobe Flash disappears ?
    that was my concern too, if adobe flash goes away in Dec 2020, unless you have a copy of it on your comp, would it still work for this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wormie View Post
    that was my concern too, if adobe flash goes away in Dec 2020, unless you have a copy of it on your comp, would it still work for this game?
    Flash is not disappearing 31st December 2020, it is simply no longer being upgraded/developed but even some security issues will be addressed ongoing if/as/when they come to light post 2020. Developers have known this was happening for years, so many have upgraded or moved to html5 others like our current forum owners have decided to stick their head up their a5s and do nothing simply because the game has already died and they simply leave the servers on to collect the $$$ from the players who still believe they are #1 in a game of 8ots and dead cities. The issue with flash will be if you can still find a browser that will run the plug-in as options are now starting to be cut and will be cut back even more soon to encourage and wean us off flash dependance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tula View Post
    It's getting increasingly impossible to play. With all flash being gotten blocked by Microsoft, and others yes it seems the day that happens it will be over unless there's a way of logging in outside those platforms. For now with great effort one can bypass the block temporarily but they've put out the notice it will be gone and Evony apparently are no longer providing any service or response for that matter- in fact may have reset my longest running account withno notice. I fully expect to try to log in one day and it will not be there - no explanation, no warning - just gone like my account. I wanted to stay until the end - maybe been the longest running player on it since it was Civony in Beta. Those of us that stuck through thick, thin and in between need closure. Many MMO games have come and gone - some with a bang - one last all out war. Some with a whimper - slinking off into unknown without a mention. some reboot into a better and newer version. I believe Evony tried valiently to do that. AGE 1 was supposed to be replaced long ago with age 2 but the age 1 players objected and stayed while age 2 languished. I haven't tried the mobile phone version - so maybe that is where Evony has gone. My current phone isn't equipped for video gaming so until I have one that is I won't know if that worked or not. I'll miss it when it's gone anyway. For me it's been like watching a dying star for a while now.
    The mobile is somewhat similar, but not at the same time. Just like any mobile MMO game, it's geared towards a heavy pay-to-win player base. Mechanics are slightly different and customer support team is still trash...still pretty fun though, aside from the negatives.

    Not sure how and/or why anyone would still be playing Age 1.
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