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Thread: Importance of Range: Explained

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    Default lol

    Each unit has a range that they may attack from. For quick reference, it is
    Workers: 10
    Warriors: 20
    Swordsmen: 30
    Pikemen: 50
    Cataphract: 80
    Cavalry: 100
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    Default Guide to conquering, and avoiding being conquered

    I haven't seen any threads that tell other people how to conquer another city, or to avoid being conquered, so I'm going to write it myself.

    I'll start off from conquering, you can ether conquer a player-owned city, or a barbarian city.

    To conquer a player-owned city:
    - It must not be their only city, to check on this, go into statistics, type the Lord name, and it'll tell you how many cities they have
    - You must have the title needed to have another city
    -Also, you CAN conquer a players capital city, as long as it's not their only city

    To conquer a barbarian city:
    - You must have the title needed to have another city

    To conquer a city, you must get it's loyalty to 0, not 5, not 10, not 15, but 0.
    The first thing you want to do is take out any troops or forifications. You should scout the city first. Then send your army, to destroy troops and forifications. If there are abatis, you are advised to destroy these, using calavary. Abatis CAN kill troops when they are in small numbers, OR if they are workers/transports or scouts. Once they have no defence left, send 1 scout on an attack, and keep sending 1 scout with a hero. This is called scout spamming, and takes down their loyalty. But once their loyalty is 15 or below, you can no longer get the loyalty down by attacking. But you must keep attacking, to put the public greviance up. The public greviance slowly decreases loyalty. When the loyalty decreases to something below 5 (not sure of exact number) the troops they have will fight against you, if they had the gates closed and couldn't fight earlier. You will need to take out these troops before you can continue to scout spam. When the loyalty is 0, your scout will stay inside your city, it will give the chance to change the city name and portrait. Congratulations, you've just conquered a city.

    Conquering a barbarian city however, is much more difficult. The regenerate troops and fortifications very fast, and are never worth conquering unless they are of a high level. A level 6 barbarian city will have level 6 in all buildings, a level 5 will have level 5 in all buildings....and it goes on. You can still scout spam, but you must scout spam in much larger numbers, they must be very close, AND you need a big army to take out forifications and troops. Impart from that, the steps are exactly the same.

    To avoid being conquered:

    You always want fortifications, like archer towers(a minimum of 250, probably around 500), traps etc, and a good 1000 abatis, which means they have to send calavary to take them out before they can scout spam you. If you find yourself being conquered, and your loyalty getting dangerously low, use comforting, disaster relief generally, because if you use praying, the loyalty will drop again fast, and disaster relief reduces public greviance by more than praying.

    1 City - Civillian
    2 Cities - Knight
    3 Cities - Baronet
    4 Cities - Baron
    5 Cities - Viscount
    6 Cities - Earl
    7 Cities - Marquis
    8 Cities - Duke
    9 Cities - Furstin

    I hope this guide helps other players out a bit.
    I do know you get all heroes when you conquer them, but must persuade them, with gold to make them do what you want.

    Please feel free to post feedback
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    Do you think you could mention how, to avoid being conquered, the amount of defenses you probably -should- have so that nearby players don't perceive you as being weak and easy to pummel to death?

    Like, just some numbers would be good. When you say "plenty" it isn't really apparent to a new player like me how much that is. In terms of archer's towers, how many is lots? 100? 1000? 10,000? How many abatis is a lot?

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    I've changed that now, thanks for the feedback.

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    Well the game rules suck i lost alot of troops clearing a guy out then i get lotalty to 15 and then got loyalty too 8 by getting public grievance up (and lost more troops as he built traps) and just as im about to conquer the guy insta deletes the village!!!

    Why is that in the game mechanics? i mean how stupid is that?

    you can lose your army cleaning someone out but if they are online at the time they can simply delete village when they know they have lost?

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    Here is a simple one for new users to avoid being attacked, don't be a good target. Use those resources as fast as you can, if you need to start storing resources for large building you need to have troops and wall defenses. The ideal amount would be more than the resources you have are worth. Only a dummy would take loses that exceed their possible gains (unless they just want your city, then all bets are off).

    A good mix of troops to deter resource raids: 10k warriors, 1k scouts, pike, swords and archers. For wall defenses, 1k traps, 200 abatis, 200 archer towers.

    Beyond that, you'll want to beef up your archer towers and archers.

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    Are wall levels important, asides from allowing you to build defences? What's the minimum you should aim for?

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    Wall levels are only important if you are closing in on the amount of fortifications you can have, like level 8 i believe gives you like 35k or so... an obscene number currently, but later in the game that many may be invaluable for stopping a 100k troop march

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    200 archer towers? jesus.. so my 3k archer towers are pushing it...? wont that number just keep rising... if 300 are good now wont they be **** in a week?

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    well, even 3k archer towers are easily destroyed, ballistas, catapults, and rams will destroy those archer towers easily. You need a good mix of rock falls, logs, and traps as well.

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