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Thread: Selling Items & Trading Items/Medals, for Medals/Items/Game Cents. "Merged Topic"

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    Right... and while the new requirements would still make it *bad* getting advancement, at least it wouldn't be *so* bad if getting some ridiculously high-ranking medal was met with the joy it deserves rather than utter revulsion just because it won't help you. Right?

    ... Okay, so the problem won't be completely better until the admins figure out a more balanced medal system, but at least this might be a bandage to help while they do that. Shouldn't even be that hard to implement, I'm only in *training* to become a programmer, and I can make something like this in less than a day. Making menus and such might take awhile longer, but not by much..

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    I totally agree. Exchanging medals due to loyalty level is pretty balanced and keeps the game players more active of wanting to play Civony, allowing them to also generate the money they need to progress this game even farther.

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    It's little more than a stopgap, but at least it's a stopgap.

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    Thumbs up Trading Items

    i think if we had this idea " you can give or trade your items example [ Michael Angelo Script/Medals/Speed Ups or etc. ] to your friends or alliance members would be nice . it hard for me to find items like that especially medals . if we had trading items in each players would be great . just like giving resources to your aliance members and do the same . just like me its hard to find medals . it is really possible to get medals??? idk either , so i like to have this suggestion to improve your game i understand that you need real G $$ money to improve this game by selling game coins .


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    it dosent benefit both gamer and game-maker.

    be happy with the wheel of fourtune.

    if you could trade to get what you want, then it would lower sales of game coins.

    the only thing i could see happening is tradeing of medals, selling of medals on market, and buying them with gold from the game.

    game coins are a option to enrich your game(well not right now because of the medal issue, makeing civony pay to play), but when they fix the medal issue, play the game and be happy with the wheel of fourtune.

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    Medals are earned via battle. You should not be able to trade war rewards.
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    If you could trade items, people would just make tons of accounts and send all the items to one account. Sry, bad idea b/c it could be abused the current way the game is set up.
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    yea . but we can prevent that there's always requirements in every trade so if someone want to make new account for free items " Newbie package" " Lord's package " there's should be requirements . for example you must 40k or 50k prestige before you can send / trade items . just like skill that can acquire if your on the right level . we can figure it out . lol

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    Default medal trade-in

    Ok, so I know we've all been griping about the medals disappearing and what not. Here's an idea: trading in other medals for their loyalty equivalents. So this is how it would work, just add an "apply" to the medal when selecting it in "My Items -> Medals" and then you can trade in say...1 lion for 3 crosses and vice-versa. That way, if we get some useless medals with the new system, it won't be a total loss since you can essentially add 1 lion and 1 cross to get an honor.

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    Yes!!! I need roses and i have plenty of others!!!
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