View Poll Results: What penalty should the small number of players who exploited receive?

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  • Prestige should be reset to 0.

    162 34.39%
  • There should be a penalty, but less severe. Remove extra Prestige and maybe a little more.

    72 15.29%
  • Only remove the Prestige gained through exploiting.

    134 28.45%
  • No penalty at all. Leave all the Prestige they gained.

    103 21.87%
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Thread: Prestige Reset Concerns

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    Default macro???

    are you serious?
    using a macro IS cheating
    how can you compare this to that?
    do you even know what a macro is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blahblahbl View Post
    I really wish you would acknowledge that the players did nothing wrong here... you made the game... we did what you gave us... it cost us time and energy in real life and time and energy in the game ... for some reason you wanna push your faults on the players

    finding loopholes and bugs and exploiting them should get you banned. you know you were doing wrong but you did it anyway. go play any other game and abuse things like people abused the prestige system and you'll be banned before you can even share your exploit with your pathetic little excuses for friends.

    play honest and you won't be punished for being dishonest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arislan1999 View Post

    Can you address how you will be handling the issue of people who did not know anything about this exploit, not used it, but still got their prestige reset?

    How will these cases be handled?

    We don't want to unfairly punish anyone. If this happened to you or an alliance mate, please have them appeal to me, if they haven't already. Make sure to include Lord Name and Server. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    This was for several reasons:
    • We wanted to preserve the integrity of the game. If players who use exploits can jump to the head of the pack, then this encourages players to continually seek and exploit such weaknesses.
    • We wanted to protect the time and effort invested by players who did not exploit. If players who exploit can leapfrog players who are playing legitimately, this encourages legitimate players to exploit as well.
    • We wanted to send a message that exploiting will not be tolerated. While our other goals could have been accomplished by merely removing the "excess" Prestige, that does not deter future exploiters. We wanted players to know that exploiting will have consequences.

    Now, many people have raised the objection that "we never declared this was an exploit" but we believe that common sense dictates that sending troops to their death repeatedly should raise red flags in a player's mind that "hey, this might not be an intended feature." We want players to think about their actions and inform us if there are exploits instead of abusing them.

    Bear in mind that we, as a company, do not gain anything from this action. We don't stand to make any additional profits (in fact, we'll probably lose some) and this has certainly created some negative backlash.

    We did this to protect our players and preserve the legitimacy of the game. We don't want players to exploit and we certainly don't want players to feel that they need to exploit to "keep up with the Joneses."

    Our goal was, and still is, to make Evony a fun, exciting and fair game in the long-term. Sometimes we have to make decisions in the short term which will be unpopular and financially negative to get the game moving back in the direction we want it to go.
    Very good reasons IMO. There is a very common culture around gaming nowadays, related to the hyper competitiveness of gaming being refined more and more. I don't think it's a bad thing, I just think people lose perspective of balance, and other players and the system, and get into a very narrow, dogmatic, "win at all costs" mentality, and "there are no rules!!" view. Unfortunately, some times players take things too far to the edge.

    PS. This is not the end of the exploits, I guarantee it. Punishing it now before it gets worse is wise. I think you should encourage more exploit reporting. Perhaps with Cent rewards or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    We should have a final answer for all the players who were affected by this exploit within the next 24-48 hours. If you had Prestige removed unfairly, our intention is that you get it back. Hang in there.

    I want to digress a little to address the most common complaint I have seen in this thread.

    There were absolutely flaws in the game design that allowed the exploit to occur. I'm sure there are more flaws somewhere that will allow other exploits to exist and they just haven't been found or come to our knowledge yet. If we had made a perfect game, no exploits would be possible and no bugs would exist. Unfortunately, we're all human and humans make mistakes and can't foresee every eventuality.

    There will always be flaws in the design of every online game. Evony is not unique in this regard. I have been an avid online gamer for years, and I remember map hacks in Red Alert, Stone of Jordan exploits in Diablo II, targeting reticles for mortars in Tribes 2, token-free tier items in World of Warcraft, and the list goes on. In each of these cases, a fault in the code or design allowed these exploits to exist, and in each case the worst abusers of the system were penalized and even banned for taking advantage of the flaw in a way that was obviously (or should have been) unintended.

    We fully understand that players will always look for the better, faster and easier path to any objective. It is astounding the things that players think of and your creativity has amazed us and also helped us to improve Evony. So, thanks!

    That said, we also want players to exercise judgment and consider their actions. If someone went from 2000th to 20th Prestige rank in a couple days, we want him to realize that his trick is probably not working within the intended game mechanics and to report it to devs, not tell people in his alliance to use it and keep it on the hush-hush (as was done in this case).

    We're not breaking new ground by penalizing players. We're not breaking new ground by changing the game mechanics in response to player demand and to fix exploits or features that didn't wind up working the way we thought they would. We're doing our best to keep Evony fun and fair for the players who are playing the game within the intended boundaries. Evony will continue to evolve to meet our vision for the game and to respond to our players.

    If you want a static game that will be the same thing week after week and month after month, you should look elsewhere, because Evony will never be that. Mechanics will change, new content will be released and flaws in design will be caught and corrected. This is the nature of online gaming; but more than that, it is our vision for this game to keep the content as compelling and exciting as we can so that we can continue to challenge and entertain all of our diverse players.
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    Default bug

    its not a bug

    the prestige gain was based on unit costs and logs
    if anything the change they made should have affected the cost and damage of the logs and rockfalls making you gain prestige in that manner

    you see a log costs more than a warrior so when the log kills the warrio you gain prestige cuz he used more resources than you did

    its the same way with honor that why you see some defender winning a battle yet losing honor

    and i already said are they gonna take everyones honor now?

    cuz i think thats more common then people farming prestige funny thing peopel didnt even realize how the system works

    so instead of harshing out to the player or nerfing the prestige gained they should have re-written logs and trebuchets made their prices more comparable to units and lowerd their affectiveness tom compansate for thier lower cost

    there thats the fix that makes logical sense to me!

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    Well i for one, did not gain any prestige through the alleged 'warrior vs npc bug' and yet i was reset.

    Thankyou for replying to my first mail -
    You stated that i made 100k prestige in 4 days and that i need to prove how i did it. (i am awaiting a response from you with regards to my justification of this).
    Since being reset i have since made 24,470 prestige - even while i have spent most of my time here in the forums as well as being offline for a few hours.

    I feel that if i was reset for no apparent reason - there must be many other innocent people you have 'caught' in your blanket reset. I also gather (from the forums) that most people didn't realise it was an exploit - one person even explained how prestige is gained (your losses are greater than the losses of the opponent and thus you gain prestige even when you lose) and so is an aspect of the game, rather than a bug.

    I believe that if people are willing to sacrifice their troops in order to gain prestige, then that is the way they play the game. Others fight NPC's for resources - that is the way they choose to play. Some fight other players for honor - that is also their choice. I don't see why people are penalised for losing their troops the way they see fit. If they gained the troops through honest methods and not through some other bug - then it's all good.

    I also feel that if an bug has been discovered or brought to the attention of the devs, that a mass mail should be sent out, warning people that it exists and that if anyone is found to be using it 'from this time forward' the penalties will be harsh. That's the way it is in other games i play - seems to work for them.

    Given that so many innocent people have been penalised and that others unknowingly used the 'bug' (if you want to call it that) - i feel that prestige should be restored to all players.

    Had you made the 'bug' known to everyone and they still chose to use it - then a penalty should be applied - however as it wasn't thought of as a bug i have chosen to vote 'they didn't know any better'

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    Default Disagree

    You cannot expect to put people in a box, tell them it's a competition to get to the top of the box and then be surprised that they found a way to hasten their rise. While I certainly agree that the exploit should be fixed and not allowed you cannot punish player for developer mistake or oversights. This is purely an attempt to referee after the fact for something you were not present for.


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    In all honesty this prestige nonsense will all be forgot about this time next week, it's like the nerfing of the NPC's, people ranting and raving about it, then it's all forgotten until something else pops up to take it's place. I still think the cheater's should be banned though, naming and shaming them would be a good idea, it's only 150 so shouldn't take up that much room. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eve L Vixxen View Post
    Had you made the 'bug' known to everyone and they still chose to use it - then a penalty should be applied - however as it wasn't thought of as a bug i have chosen to vote 'they didn't know any better'
    YES! thats many players point of view. By nt informin earlier, hw r we supposed if it was really an exploit or something...

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    I voted for a removal of exploited prestige.

    If all the faults with Evony mechanics that have so far been to the disadvantage of the player (lost troops, resources etc) had been compensated, I may have been pro punishment when it was in our favour. As it is, Evony owes its players leniency.

    I would have also felt inclined to vote for punishment if they hadn't stated they new about the problem, but didn't tell us... and didn't fix it either apparently; either fix it or msg us in game that it is a punishable exploit.
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