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Thread: Keeping or Dismissing Heroes

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    Default Keeping or Dismissing Heroes

    Here is an illustration:
    Situation 1. You have a level 100 hero with 170 politics. In your inn, you find a level 1 hero with 101 politics. By the time the level one becomes level 100, h/she would have 200 politics. The 200 politics is much much better than your current 170 politics, right? But, how long would it take to reach level 100? It could very well take over a year. Therefore, you would not want to dismiss your level 100 hero. This is the benefit of small long term gains.

    Situation 2. You have level ten hero with 60 attack, and in your inn you find a level 1 with 54 attack. By the time it reached level 10, the level 1 would have 63 attack. This is a negligible difference, and the exp needed is also negligible. Because they are close together in level, it is up to your personal choice if you want to give up the exp you already gained. I would personally dismiss my existing level ten.
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    imo, in the first situation keep the high lvl one, because if you get something to that level, gold is no longer an issue... as gold isnt an issue now for some people... but the 2nd situation, definatly dismiss the higher level one, for the fact that you can get a lvl 1 hero higher much faster


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