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Thread: Attacking a level 3 Barbarian town... ouch!

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    traps, from xp take about 15 mins to regen 20% and will fully regen to 1000 in about 2hrs by an exponential increase (meaning lots quickly few towards the end).

    and for info sake

    lvl1=traps (only ever seen 1k)
    lvl2=abatis+traps (traps seem to vary between 500-1000 and abatis around 200)
    lvl3=towers usually about 500
    lvl4= all of the above

    one can then assume the levels after that as lvl5 having logs 6,7,8 mixes of the above lvl9,10 falling rocks.

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    doesn't matter much, because with a 1m gap on my waves, a level 2 town rebuilt 462 traps and some troops before my 2nd wave arrived, making NPC towns really not worth bothering with, IMO... gets too expensive for minimal gain


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