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Thread: Troop Cost calculator.

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    Default Troop Cost calculator.

    Ever wondered how much 5284 archers are? or how much 1000 swordman are?
    Well before now you would need to note down/remember the costs and then type them in to a calculator.

    Well with my new little invention made in excel, all you need to do is find the troop and then input how many you are going to buy in to the red box and it will update all the totals for you!

    Its that easy!

    You must have excel.

    Download link:
    Click here to download.

    if you find any errors or see an inprovment then please post and ill update it. If you have a problem with the download then post and ill change hosting sites.

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    There is already a Evony Calculator which is located on the Forums.


    I have a new motto! It makes me Lulz!


    'You sir, FAIL'.
    Its been used a million times, but its mine nao!


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