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    With valley bonuses the way they are, is it best to reap the profit of a valley bonus by invading all local valleys you can and making specific cities (this is my stone city, my iron city) and such so you can get bigger bonuses for each resources?

    EX: If every city had 15% bonus to everything, and 1'000 production / slot (and 4 slots, for the 4 resources), that would mean every city is producing 1'150 (or 15X bonus to 1'000.)

    However, if we dedicated all slots to one resource and grabbed all valley bonuses for just one, you'd have 4'000 with a 60% bonus (or 6'400). With 4 cities, this means 6'400 X 4 resources, against the other way which means 4'600 resources X 4.

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    *this is my lumber city*
    *this is my lumber city*
    *oh look, this is also my lumber city*
    *Lumber Ftw*

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    Why lumber? Is it because it's worth almost double what other commodities go for in the MP?

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    OP - yes it is better to make a lumber, iron, stone city, but also very difficult.
    castellan bonus applies to everything, so that wouldnt help, and y ou would have to take that into account in your numbers. Also, it would mean a lot of game time spent moving resources all over, and therefore an extra cost in food for haulers as well.

    as for lumber, it means he's building archers, which means i can easily plunder him with my heavily armoured knights.

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    Not necessarily building archers - Lumber is like 4X the other resources on the market - So thus I get like 6 forests - and sell my lumber every so often.

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    "There goes my lumber city"

    It's a reasonable idea and I think you would indeed see better return on resources but you also have to take into account the other players variable.
    If you happen to lose a city that was dedicated to a certain resource like lumber, you could find yourself up the you know what creek without a paddle or the mats to even make a paddle so to say.

    My 2 cents.

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    "He who controls the Lumber, controls Civony."

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    Lumber is definately the most important resource... regardless of your militiary strategy... you need LOTS of lumber for wall defenses.

    there's a reason why it cost 5X more than anything else.


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