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Thread: battering rams?

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    Default battering rams?

    What is the advantage or use of battering rams????

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    nothing... completely uselss just like catapult

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    theres no advantage of useing battering rams there not completly useless but i advise you not to use them as they watse to much.
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    catapults aint useless surely... i seem to get along fine with them in battle

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    batter ram.... are only able to attack wall only so don't build them at all. It not only a waste of space and resources but also waste of your time building them.

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    I wouldnt say rams are completely useless, i feel its more that they are just an impractical choice because of the resources and time they take to make, and food they consume. (like most units above archers)

    If I understand correctly, they assist in overcoming a walls defense value.

    So in theory they could be sent with a smaller batch of troops to ensure they get over/thru the wall.

    They are also slow but have alot of HPs.

    If I am engaging in a large scale attack where I'm not yet over my troop limit and already being slowed down by ballistas and transports i send them too. Not sure they are that much more effective under that circumstance but every little bit helps sometimes...

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    Battering Rams take down the walls defense value. They arent COMPLETY useless, but they do cost alot.

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    The thing is when attacking a town if you don't manage to completely deplete the walls durability in 100 rounds you loose.
    If you attack a lvl 10 town with a couple of ballista you loose, even if there are no defensive structures and no troops.
    So in a pitched battle where there are lots of forces on both sides those battering rams can knock down wall durability while all your other forces are concentrating on killing defenders and taking out defenses. Also in large numbers they can soak up damage that some of your other units might have taken.
    Catapults are good against high level targets because of the increased range. Nothing out ranges them that I am aware of.

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