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Thread: What's the best way to build prestige??

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    Default What's the best way to build prestige??

    What's the best way to build prestige??

    what are the best methods to increase quickly, i need more, cheers


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    Alrighty, here's about the best guide you'll find on prestige building.

    Condensed - Here’s a short summary:

    - The lower your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain from completing a building, research, or troop.
    - The explanation for this is that people who have higher Ranks, Titles, and Town Halls have given a message to the world that they are already a powerful person. They do not deserve to get as much prestige for the little things they do.
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    disaster relief is an easy couple of points.

    Other ways include:
    construct buildings.
    train troops.
    fortify defenses.
    fight battles.


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