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Thread: how to earn medals!!!

  1. Cool rules

    I`m sry xeander but no one ever listens to those in any game try playing warcraft for instance watch how many people break the rules ive discovered the programmer island, game master island and three unfinished areas and havent been caught i`ve got a friend who plays on a emulated server and he been playing that server for 3 years hasnt been caught yet so who cares if people break the rules not everyone gets caught.

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    Default medals

    this isnt working!!!!!!!!

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    Ok, I hit a level 4 valley with 400 archers just like your post said and I got nothing except the valley. How do I get the medal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchdoctor View Post
    Ok, I hit a level 4 valley with 400 archers just like your post said and I got nothing except the valley. How do I get the medal?
    On the new servers, with a lot of luck and patience.

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    This medal thing sucks.
    I've been trying for 5 days now, and not 1 medal... I'm beginning to think you can get the medals only by buying them... and this really sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soltero View Post
    Wonderful that there is a EULA... but maybe Evony could start enforcing it... I know I take offense when I see alliance NAZI_SS on a server... and how does one report this?? Or when I get vulgar language mails from people who I have attacked... There's no report button for this. And putting them on block does not see to stop the mails from coming. If Evony wants to enforce the EULA, perhaps it should enforce the ENTIRE agreement...
    I call BS on both parts. An EULA applies to software, not websites. You mean TOS. And just because you're offended by something doesn't give you the sudden almighty authority to infringe on their right to use it. I may be offended by your name. Does that mean you should have to choose another? Their name is in poor taste, but so is being a little whiner. As far as the "moderator's" concerns, do you work for Comcast, Verizon, or GE? It would seem so, because they think they own the Internet too. I was shocked to even see such a post. I was shocked that someone who is a moderator wouldn't know that it's ludicrous to instruct people not to speak of things on other sites in a forum about a game. Most of all, I'm shocked a moderator wouldn't have done his/her actual job and moved these posts to the General Discussion area, where they belong(since they are unrelated to the topic), and addressed the issues in a separate thread created there. Things like this make both the forum and the game a lot less appealing to someone new.

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    Excuse me i got nothing from any of these you check your facts before postig it

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    well it seems this guide does slightly work if you replace the archers with warriors and a good hero... at least for me it does.

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    You do not have to pay to get medals, and you just have horrible luck obviously

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    I can't seem to get any medals.
    I have bben using this method, but I can't get any medals.
    I am after Rose Medals.
    Can someone help me out?


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