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Thread: Hero stats - Politics, Attack and Intelligence

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    Default Hero stats - Politics, Attack and Intelligence

    Politics and Intelligence have nothing to do with battle. You need Attack for your warfare hero and Politics/intellegence for your Castellan.

    Politics increases resource production and Intellegence increases defense. The number for those two is a %. If ]your castellan has 74politics and 43 Intelligence, then your defense will be increased by 43% and your base resource production is increased by 74%.

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    r u sure?? i was thinking tht intel can be used in scouting the enemy villages.
    anyways good info. thanks

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    Thats just what I have picked up. If anyone has something to offer then just post it here. I'll try and test your theory though

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    He is correct.

    Politics = Resource production.
    Intelligence = Defense bonus
    Attack = Well, Attack bonus.

    Politics only works on Current Castellan
    Intelligence works on Current Castellan (possibly on Attacking Hero too)
    Attack only works on Attacking Hero
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    What the Wolf said...

    I think Im right in adding that Politics when assigned as a Castellan also speeds up the construction time... It's definately one of the stats that does!

    (PS. Is the server down at the moment?)

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    yes wolf is right.

    yeh must be... they should have something to tell us if servers down or not.

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    Yeh I have definetely noticed an increase in construction time. Anything that has been reduced to under 5 minutes, can't use the speed up for free if its less than 5 minutes. Only like, less than 4...

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    No no, it seems I was wrong on something.

    Defense also helps when attacking! Supposedly...
    At least thats what someone said in another thread.

    Edit; Edited my original post to include the intel -> attacking thing.

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    yeh it would make sense that a hero with intellect would make you have less casualties or more wounded.

    anyone know when servers coming back up?

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    based on knowledge I've gathered myself and some I learned by reading this is my conclusion of what stats do.
    Attack - % to attack and % reduced build time for troops and Mabye fortification.
    politics - % to resource production and % lower build time.
    Intelligence - Defense bonus (I learned from this) and lower research time % wise.


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