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Thread: Game wont load!!

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    Default wow

    thought it was just me lol ive been trying to get on server 31 for around 5 hours approx and i just get the same loading please wait hope something happens soon lol.
    as i just started an alliance and for a noob with not much clue my small alliance may fall apart with out me or with me hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdyShady View Post
    No good getting a fix on a server that you don't have a decent game going!!!!

    I am in the middle of a war on server 11, my alliance is relying on my armies to help them and I can't log in.

    Starting afresh on a different server is not a valid option, WHY ISN'T ANYBODY FROM EVONY telling us what is being done (if anything) to fix this?
    i agree i find this frustrating i also complained about the no reward for evony queen thing and got ignored although the one i voted for was pretty attractive

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    Default server 24

    im on server 24 its not been working all afternoon , i cleared cookes and internet files and restarted and still nothing , just started a new city too , was keen to get on with it

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    ir says its waiting for the game to respond or whatever

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    if u have more windows open on ur desktop ur computer will find it hard to load try it when evony is the only page open to give it a chance. if that don't work maybe ur internet speed is too slow

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    server 15 is also not working atm

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    same for me been 4 hours now that i cant log on server said was going down for 15 mins regular maintenace

    very long 15 mins if you ask me

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    anyone knows when maintenance will be over?

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    It seems that is down... hence you cannot download the flash client to login!

    PS: well download-server is fine, but it still hangs somewhere there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moobs View Post
    anyone knows when maintenance will be over?
    it will never be over i been trying to log in for five hours

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