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Thread: List of Promotion Requirements

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    Default List of Promotion Requirements

    Just starting this cause i see alot of questions asked cause people havnt got used to looking for the requirements in quest. I'll be updating this as much as i can but if others want to post info to help me i would appreciate it.

    Marquis Requirements =
    Earl status 200k gold, Rank: General, Prestige: 32k, Wisdom Medal: 10, Freedom Medal: 5

    Baron Requirements:
    Gold 60,000 , Major rank, Prestige 4000 , Lion Medal 10. Rose Medal 5

    Major Requirements:
    You need: 30,000 gold, Town Hall Level 6, Rose Medal 5 plus rank of Captain

    Knight Requirements:
    You need: 20,000 gold, Lieutenant Rank, 1000 prestige, 10 cross medals, 5 rose medals

    Lieutenant Requirements:
    Gold 10000 Town hall Level 2

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    Ok cool i searched didnt find it thx


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