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Thread: Looking for 'mature' alliance

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    Default Looking for 'mature' alliance

    Is there any alliance out there that has mature players in it and doesn't have people screaming at each other or writing in full capitals? The alliance should have rules that prevents alliance members from acting idiotically and ruining the alliance's reputation, I'm not going to say that it should be full of adults because I have seen some children act more maturely then twenty five year olds.

    Are there any alliances like this out there and if so, are they recruiting?

    PS: I didn't see any other forum to post this in, so if it's in the wrong forum move it please.

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    u can always join RK
    RK Alliance - Vice Host

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    The Byzantine Empire is a mature alliance that is currently recruiting. While at this point I cannot speak on behalf of every citizen, I can say for certain that I do not appreciate foul behavior and crack down on it whenever possible. Our alliance is called BYZ, or you can PM me and I will invite you if you are interested.

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    Default Alliance theme

    What kind of alliance are you looking for? Progression, military, size, expansion, prestige?

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    TSoC offers mature players who are willing to help new players and established players through the advancement of your kingdoms.

    We have a strict maturity policy that expects all our members to refrain from spam, rude behavior and most things you see regularly on the global channel.

    If your interested we're one of the top ten alliances and we're growing daily! Hope to hear from you!

    P5OT!! Quit hating and join, you will eventually.


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