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Thread: Introductions (Please say hello here so we can welcome you!)

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    Hello, my name is Rance from London. I like the game.

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    Welcome, Rance!

    Compliments of the wonderful Warsimi!

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    Hi Hi

    the Name is Adam, i'm a little hyperactive and sometimes get on peoples nerves.

    i work as a chef and also have qualifications in mechanics and Veterinary studies (a chef because it is a between job thingy)

    i played a few servers and really enjoy the game play as well as the competitive side it brings out of people, the interaction between players and each individual thing.

    I love watching Anime, complete Otaku, sit me infront of some Anime or give me a Manga series and i won't move till it's finished.

    what i don't like is the game servers going down :3 also players who act like they are higher than everyone else and strut around like Tommy Ten, that gets under my skin.

    well, that is me introduced, not sure if i could talk much longer, well, i could but i might start annoying people, cookie munchin time now.

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    Hi All, I am Louie
    Been playing evony for about 5 years now and Have just stumbled onto the game forum tab =)
    I am a work from home person so I was really needing something to do during down times.........
    I am Here!

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    Too bad you came four years too late. This place has been mostly dead for ages.
    Formerly known as Jurnis

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    Hello once more i am back after quitting evony and moving on with life, but life got boring so i am back here hopefully this is the last into i make as this is my third i believe anyway... My name is Kirk also known as Iron Giant it was my favorite movie when i was a kid and is still a really good movie things changed a lot since i been here last i changed my major in college for education to hospitality management/ business management i am 22 years old now and will turn 23 soonish by soonish i mean sometime in June i feel old, but that cause i do adult stuff no like work every day and have my own place away from mom and dad i am taking a break from college as i am broke and i am paying for college now and yeah so i am traveling around going and working in different places around the world cause why not i don't know what my next stop is, but i figure it out eventually okay i think that's all talk to you all soon!!

    "Fighting for a tomorrow Surviving to see that it was worth the effort"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic Fury View Post
    Too bad you came four years too late. This place has been mostly dead for ages.
    Sadly true
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    Hello, I'm Eli! Its a pleasure to meet everybody!
    I am 18 years old and live in Southeast Georgia.
    I am in my first year of College, but found out about evony when I was 13 so I have been playing for about 5 years or so.
    Music is my love and joy, so that is what keeps me entertained as well as just living on campus and playing Evony!
    Glad to meet all of you (:

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    I've actually...uhh...been on this forum before. As many accounts. I called myself P5T and TK101. Think it was about 5 years ago now, when I was like 13. I'm now 17. I don't know if I would get banned for joining, but I completely forgot all about this game one day, and suddenly remembered it. Mainly for how much of a **** I was back then. Man, looking back at all those alliance threads I made makes me cringe. And my grammar and spelling was absolutely atrocious. I'm a very different person now compared to when I started high school, and was trolling these forums. Anyway, I'm planning on giving this game a go, since its been so long, and I'm not that immature kid any more. I wonder if Evony is still relevant. I hope so.

    A little bit about myself I guess. I'm a 17 year old male from Leeds in the UK. My main hobbies and interests are dirtbiking and music. Music is pretty much my life. I'm a music nerd and proud. I do dirtbiking on Saturdays. It's one of those hobbies I just never expected myself getting into. I enjoy it a lot though. Takes my mind off things. Great thrill. There is not really much worth to say about me other than that. Nothing too interesting. If this community is still active, I hope to participate a lot more, and get around to playing the game with you people. That's it from me.

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    it's dead here. The game itself is ok, depending on how much of a war snobby you are.

    These idiots like to put the 60 largest accounts in one alliance and then claim their servers are dead.

    Don't do that.

    Less QQ more PewPew

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    cush has a point... and he is right


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