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Thread: Introductions (Please say hello here so we can welcome you!)

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    Hey, I'm Naomi, I live in canada,
    and I'm brand new to the game.
    I am 21, and I live with my boyfriend and I have a mundane job, part time.
    I look forward to getting to know you all.

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    Location- Somewhere in the USA
    Age 18
    Interest Well games, poetry, ufc/mma
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    Yeah, about that...


    My name is Mavas. I'm not going to tell you my real name. Some of you have some way of making my computer get ruined, or catch on fire or something... Anyway. I'm pretty paranoid. Even in the game I'm paranoid. It sucks, bro. Started playing Civony Saturday two weeks ago. Seems like forever ago. It totally was my Spring Break. Sooooooo,


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    Peter is my name, I'm what's known as an "Old Fart" - just turned 50.
    I'm Aussie, part time school bus driver, part time PC game player (knee injury) so no more wandering around the scrub for a while.

    Been playing BF2, and COD4 for several years, and recently CRYSIS, but I generally suck at that type of game. This game seems like one I could handle though ... nice and peaceful

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    Hello, I am Daniel.

    After weeks of seeing the adverts just about everywhere I thought what the heck and just jumped in. I have came from playing another browser based game and this seems pretty similar so I have managed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. I am a 16 year old student who decided a good choice of AS levels would be physics, chemistry, maths and further maths (mad). I play a few computer games and do quite a bit of sig making (since I joined said other browser game).

    Well hello :0 condensed the above a little bit here

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    hey whats up im rob aka Brutal Xian

    love music, scooters, skateboarding, drums, music, chillin, games, family guy, movies, and stuff

    im 19 and have only been playing civony for about 30 hours probably but i have had lots of experience with games like civony, such as ikariam.

    i am leader of an alliance with a few rl friends in ikariam and i hope to bring them over to civony with me.

    see you around, peace
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    Hmmmm velvet thighs, are you the same velvet thighs from travian?

    And my intro.
    My name is Nicole
    I am 18
    I currently live in England
    Moving to America in less than a month.
    I get married in July-can't wait.

    And i'm overly addicted to this game.
    Thats me in a nutshell

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    las vegas


    i am sergei mooha

    i like game consoles i have a xbox360 and a ds lite black wifi kind

    i have a forum that you can find me there

    i have a

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    I'm Jango. No, that's not my real name. No, you won't find out my real name. No, you can't hack my computer to find it.


    I'm from Massachusetts. Uhm...okay, now I'm drawing a blank...

    Well, I just began playing Civony a few days ago, but I've been playing similar games for much longer. One of my co-alliance-members from CyberNations got me hooked on this game. >_>

    Anyone who knows me in the real world would most likely say I'm weird, too serious, a nerd, "LIEK TOTALLEI SUPER-SMART," or a jerk. I don't like being called a jerk, or anything of the sort. But hey, that's life.

    However, my game-friends tend to really like me (or so they pretend...).

    Anywho, I'm a self-admitted-crazy-person, I like to make graphics (signatures and whatnot), and yes, I'm a nerd as well. I can talk for a very long time about nerdy stuff. And I like debates...sometimes...

    Looking forward to making aquantances with many of you

    /stuff that sounds like self-endulgant bragging nonsense

    o/Doxa Sparte\o

    -Experienced Graphics (Online Signatures/logos) Designer
    -Retired RuneScape Veteran
    -Online Browser Based Games Addict
    -Professional Spammer (Where Permitted)

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    Hi everyone! My name's Kelly.

    I'm 20 and live in the United Kingdom.

    I'm currently training to be a sports therapist at college while doing part time duties at my local leisure centre.

    I found this game from an advert ( while I was reading a story my friend had written. I've never played a browser game before but seem to be doing well on this one.
    "I'm not heartless, I just want to rule the world!"
    Rocking on Server 3
    Click here?


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