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Thread: Magic: The Gathering

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    people still play this game? this is so old and a very fun game when i was in high school
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    lol yea we still play it

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    Quote Originally Posted by necrogrif View Post
    yea i got a mostly all cards from the 80's and 90's i need new cards lol
    well, you very well may have cards from the 90's some of which are probably worth a decent amount, but i highly doubt that you have any cards from the 80's...the game came out in '93. (not to be like "HAHA YOUR WRONG!!!", just a friendly FYI)

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    I have tons of Beta legends and signed cards if anyone wants to buy them.

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    Yea the game debut at GenCon in 93 (i was at that GenCon and looking back a few months later was disappointed i missed thier booth) i started playing early in 94 and played for about 4-5 years, The Dark expansion was the last I think I played during.

    I sold away a bunch of my high valued cards - getting somehitn like $125 for my Library of Alexandria - I still have Boxes of them but havent played in maybe 10 years.


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