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    Default Quick Start Guide

    The following Evony guide applies only if the game is started from scratch, no resources spent.

    Only a basic knowledge of the game is required. If you are brand new to this game, see the other beginner guides.

    The following Evony guide, if followed carefully, will tell you how to earn a level 4 town hall and a second town in under 3 hours. The basic concept is to follow the quest line in the most efficient possible way. That means no unnecessary resource buildings until after we have exhausted all possible quest routes. Remember: any buildings that take 5 minutes or less can be sped up for free.

    Let's begin!

    Create an account and join the newest server. The servers are numbered, 001 being the first, you want to join the largest number.

    -Resources: Food: 5000, Lumber: 5000, Stone: 5000, Iron: 5000

    -Build a Cottage - upgrade it to level 2.
    -Use Population Raising.
    -Build a Rally Spot.
    -Build a Barracks.
    -Build a Farm, Sawmill, Ironmine, and Quarry.
    -Collect rewards from quests. Get your amulet as well.

    -Resources: Food: 6900, Lumber: 7650, Stone: 6350, Iron: 7050

    -Upgrade the Town Hall to level 2. Use 2 beginner guidelines.
    -Complete the Domain Expansion quest.

    -Upgrade Sawmill to level 2.
    -Upgrade Quarry to level 2.
    -Upgrade Ironmine to level 2.

    -Build an Inn.
    -Build a Marketplace. Use a Beginner Guidelines.
    -Build a Feasting Hall. This is your first downtime, while on this downtime, do the following:
    -Complete the Rebuild --> Amulet quest.
    -Use up whatever other amulets you have, but don't use your cents to buy Amulets.
    -Complete the Hero Recruitment quest.
    -Complete the Rich Store quest.
    -Complete the Guidelines quest.
    -Complete the Administration quest.
    -Complete the Trading quest, then sell 1 food.
    -Complete the Trading quest, then buy the following:
    -Buy 8000 Stone from the Marketplace (skip this step if you won stone from your amulet).
    -Buy 12000 Lumber from the Marketplace (skip this step if you won lumber from your amulet).
    -Complete the Trading quest.
    -Complete the Correspondence quest.
    -Set taxes to 0%. Set higher if you know how to manage population/tax rate. Keep population growth maximized.
    -Click on the present on the top left corner of the screen and claim your Newbies Package. Open the package.
    -Complete the Population Increase quest (once available).
    -Train 10 Warriors (after population passes 200 and Population Increase quest is completed).

    -Resources: Food: 9850, Lumber: 6250, Stone: 5650, Iron: 9200.

    -Build a Warehouse. Complete the Hero Recruitment quest. Complete the Promotion quest. Complete the Medals --> Cross Medal quest.
    -Use Population Raising.
    -Build an Academy. Complete the Rich Store quest.
    -Upgrade Ironmine to level 3. Research Lumbering level 1. Complete the Scientific Research quest.
    -Build a Forge.
    -Upgrade the Forge to level 2. Complete the Fortification quest.
    -Research Agriculture level 1. Complete the Scientific Research --> Lumbering quest.
    -Use Population Raising.
    -Build a cottage.
    -Build a Workshop.
    -Research Military Science. Complete the Scientific Research --> Agriculture quest.

    -Resources: Food: 19500, Lumber: 14650, Stone: 14550, Iron: 6150 (Marketplace resources have arrived).

    -Complete the Fortification quest. Build Walls level 1. Apply Beginner Guidelines.
    -Complete the Fortification quest. Upgrade Town Hall to level 3. Apply Primary Guidelines.
    -Complete the Domain Expansion quest. Upgrade Walls to level 2. Apply Primary Guidelines. Complete the Prestige Building quest. Complete the Guidelines quest.
    -Complete the Fortification quest. Upgrade Town Hall to level 4. Apply Primary Guidelines. Apply Beginner guidelines twice.
    -Click on the present on the top left corner of the screen and claim your Package for Lords. Open the package. Open the Junior Medal Box.
    -Complete the Domain Expansion quest. Complete the Military Service --> Worker quest. Complete the Military Service --> Warrior quest.

    -Resources: Food: 54000, Lumber: 28750, Stone: 22650, Iron: 31250.

    -Continue training Warriors until you have reached about 60-75, then attack the closest level 1 flat. Remove your mayor and attack with him if necessary. Gain control of the flat, recall your troops, complete the City Expansion quest, then build your second city.

    -If you don't have enough gold to promote to knight and build another city, complete quests until your prestige is 2000, then complete the Presitge Building quest.

    -You will need to make sure you don't fall below 10000 in gold, food, lumber, stone, or iron while completing quests.

    -Congratulations!!! Once you have exhausted most quest routes, it will be very important to shift your focusing on resource income. Good luck, see you on the battlefield!

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    Good guide.


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