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Thread: Trading in game items

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    Lightbulb Trading in game items

    I just had a sudden thought yesterday, what if we could trade in our ingame items e.g. Primary Guidelines for other items of the same price, or for cents.
    Obviously there would be alot of flaws in this but some people find that they dont use many of the items but the Guidelines, an therefore find the others useless.



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    There is other threads like this and I agree to them all I got a bunch of war horns I don't want. Win them all the time on the wheel and only use them when I want to steal a city which that is once in a lifetime.

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    i would like to see in-game trading, it may come with flaws but evantually it would work

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    yes there is other threads about this, i just didnt realize.
    thank you for agreeing with me.
    we should be able to trade items, or sell, i mean we can buy em so why not sell?

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    it would have to be sell to playes as items can be recieved for free from the wheel and so selling it back to the game would just make a profit for the player, so when selling it will have to be to other players.

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    Getting the item for free from the wheel is a profit to the player in the first place...
    you should be able to sell items to other players, and to to evony, for instance u could sell a beginners guide line for up to 4 cents to other players (costs 5 cents to buy from evony), and the evony system would only buy them for half of the current player to player market price.
    Also there could be a time limit, like in the resource markets of about 2 hours for your cents to reach you.
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    Find this and more in my thread Vote if you like and REPLY...I could use a couple bumps x.x. But yes, it is not a bad idea overall and one that they should, perhaps, consider. Even something where you can turn the item "back in" and get half the total number of cents back. Vote and perhaps Evony can change for the better
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