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    Default PLAY NOW Button ( homepage)

    Could you please put the Play Now button on top of the servers list rather than at the bottom?

    I am playing the game at "not so high" resolutions and there is some scrolling involved to start the game Moreover once the servers list will get even longer, the "high" resolutions will be affected as well. From talking to others, the majority of the players play on 1 sever (or have a favorite server) and since that last server is automatically selected ... we only need to press the play button to start the game.

    I know is not a big deal, but I also believe it's not a big effort to change the layout. It's all about Usability.

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    change the X the number server you play on

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    1oo percent right

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    I know the direct server link ... still, this is a workaround, not a "fix".

    And since we're talking about the Play Now button, please fix the code so that it still takes you to the game after you clicked around on your account options.


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