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    I truly feel the game would be gretly enhanced if you programmed in some simple sounds. Examples; horns for being attacked and skirmish noises. An alarm sound when scanned. Hammers and saws when building in the town or city.

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    very easy to add, i'm surprised it's not already part of the game

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    please add a MUTE button with this

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    I really dont like stalker


    lol lynxx, ya i agree puttin up sound
    Cant think of any

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    If you want some sound go to lol. I played Age of Empires 2 for 3 years and the horn became very freaking annoying. If this was a downloadable game then yes pls add music, but for a browser game NO! Many different ways to obtain music out there. Get to it! lol

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    Lightbulb jukebox?

    i think it would be cool if your alliance could have a variety of songs that it could play and you could have a list to choose from maybe be able to upload your own? i don't know how hard that would be to do but it there is some really good battle music out there

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    With all the lag complaints, do you really want to tie up more bandwidth with music?!?!

    I'll pass.
    Evony has music, it's called my iTunes. If you want to broadcast your tunes to alliance mates, then open up ventrilo. It's easy to broadcast your itunes there.
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    i started to read this and agree with everything rota says. if people just listened to him the forums would be a better place.
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    Rota is correct.

    I don't even understand the question.

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    you can also make a chatbox using xat.. or something similar and you are able to put a musicplayer there and add tunes you and your alliance mates enjoy.

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    how would I set this up for my alliance thx

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    NO!! this could increase the bandwidth making it costly to be loged in for hours a day


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