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Thread: NPC Lvl 10 Capture

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    Default NPC Lvl 10 Capture

    My plan for taking over a lvl 10 npc city. One thing to keep in mind is that I used five cities to launch from with the main city having a level 10 feasting hall/rally point for additional troops and an addition attack. Also, I used the camp functionality of the march screen extensively to ensure all waves landed within one minute of the first with spacing between the wave types around 10-20 seconds.

    Total: 284,400 archers 440,010 warriors.
    1st wave: 124,400 archers w/rainbow.
    2nd-10th wave: 10,000 archers and warriors w/rainbow.
    11th-45th wave: 2,000 archers and 10,000 warriors w/rainbow.

    As far as research levels go, all combat/movement related areas are level 10.
    The main attack hero has 156 atk, 5 int, and 10 pol.
    In regard to buffs, I had penicillin/horn/corset active. I also did use a war ensign on the first wave sent.

    I accidentally sent the last 9 waves of the attack to the wrong city so I lost 18,000 archers and 90,000 warriors just because I did not pay enough attention to what I was doing. The 36th wave had loyalty of the city at 11 so I only needed 6 of the remaining attacks to land but due to the mistake above I had to send back 10 more waves with a new clearing force after previous waves troops returned. This caused the loyalty to regenerate to 21.

    With the above in mind I appended the following to the plan.
    46th wave: 99,400 archers w/rainbow.
    47th-48th wave: 15,000 archers and 10,000 warriors w/rainbow.
    49th-55th wave: 10,000 archers and warriors w/rainbow.
    First 15 attacks, 36th attack (last one in first 45 to hit npc city), and last 10 attacks.

    Attack 1
    Attack 2
    Attack 3
    Attack 4
    Attack 5
    Attack 6
    Attack 7
    Attack 8
    Attack 9
    Attack 10
    Attack 11
    Attack 12
    Attack 13
    Attack 14
    Attack 15

    Attack 36

    Attack 46
    Attack 47
    Attack 48
    Attack 49
    Attack 50
    Attack 51
    Attack 52
    Attack 53
    Attack 54
    Attack 55

    From this, I have realized the following:
    -45 waves is a bit excessive if you are able to correctly send them all the right city.
    -Second clearing wave needs to be a bit stronger. (Also, need to make sure send a good attack hero on second wave as well instead of my main int hero.)
    -Rainbows on the 11th through 45th wave seems unrequired.
    -Even if you mess up excessively, you can still recover an attack if you respond accordingly.

    In the end, I did not lose all too much but more than I really should have had I made the aforementioned adjustments prior to setting up the initial attack. I of course am always looking for more ways to become efficient so if anyone has further suggestions/questions/comments. Feel free to reply.


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    great job, bookmarked. thaks.

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    For second attempt to capture a lvl 10 npc. I decided to go with 44 waves instead of the intial 45 I had planned last time.

    Total: 282,500 archers, 430,100 warriors.
    1st: 124,500 archers w/rainbow.
    2nd: 30,000 archers and warriors w/rainbow.
    3rd-8th: 10,000 archers and warriors w/rainbow.
    9th-44th: 2,000 archers and 10,000 warriors.

    Same research/buffs as initial post. Attack hero for initial wave was at 161 attack this time. Sending all the waves to the proper
    location helped greatly in getting everything done timely. Also, the overall total loss was considerably less (around half) this
    go as compared to last time. While 44 attacks were launched, the 40th attacked allowed me to take over the city. The first wave
    landed at 4 seconds after the minute and the last wave landed 44 seconds after the minute.

    Loss across 40 waves was: ~15,000 archers and 6,000 warriors.

    Attack 1
    Attack 2
    Attack 3
    Attack 4
    Attack 5
    Attack 6
    Attack 7
    Attack 8
    Attack 9
    Attack 10

    Attack 40

    Post attack notes:
    -44 waves is a bit much, I think 42 going forward is a good way to go with a little flexibility incase an attack or two fails.
    -Over half the archers lost came from the first attack. May want to try some warrior sacrifice to traps/logs/trebs a few seconds
    before the main clearing attack lands next time. This should hopefully reduce the deaths to them on the first 10 waves or so.
    That being said, machinery lvl 10 in the npc city may prevent this tactic from being useful.

    If there are any other thoughts/suggestions/questions, feel free to let me know. Thanks.


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