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Thread: Help and Question Rules

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    Default Help and Question Rules

    Before you post, we kindly ask you to:
    • try looking through the threads on the first few pages for anything that might concern your issue
    • look through any of the stickies
    • use Search if there is nothing on the first few pages
    • and finally read the FAQs before posting.

    When making a new thread:
    • please use a properly descriptive title: e.g "need help with Selling Resources" instead of something like "HELP!!!!!1111"
    • please try and be clear and understandable when you post, while we don't expect perfect English please try and be as correct as possible. also try not to use mass capitals and "leet speak".

    When posting a reply
    • please check the threads replies before you post, repeating the previous answers is just spam and creates additional clutter.
    • please don't spam / make off topic replies / post any thing that doesn't add anything constructive to the thread
    • please don't flame / troll / insult people

    Once a question has been answered it will be closed by a moderator to prevent spam. If you feel the thread was closed too early then please contact the moderator that closed the thread and explain to them why you feel it was closed too soon.
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