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Thread: Is this normal?

  1. Default Is this normal?

    yeah, so i was attacking some player's cities and wasnt getting any honor at all then i attacked this one and i got 47k in one battle, so, is this normal? Or if not, what happened?

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    You gain or lose honor based on the value of troops lost on either side. If you raid an enemy city that has no defenses, no one dies and you won't gain any.

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    it depends if you atk a def with a certain type of defense. what i mean is... if they only have abatis you wont get honor from atking her/him unless you send cav or cataphracts and WIN
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    You got most of the honor from the trebuchets, and would have got more had you not lost so many cataphrats. With this being said it really doesn't matter, because honor means nothing in this game, as the honor mechanics are just plain horrible.

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    Seems silly to me that if you DEFEND, you lose honor.


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