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Thread: Building a second city

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    I'm having no luck at building a 3rd city. What are the requirements to do so? Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have to be a certain rank or town hall level to build a third I have done everything in this thread..but still do not get the build city option on a level 3 flat that I have conquered. I have all the gold and resources - workers etc and still no option. And yes, I have recalled the troops

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    Had problem with no build city option after conquering flat. I was lvl 4 had 4 valleys. I then abandoned 1 valley then reconquered flat got build city option built city then went back and took another 4th valley. Hope this helps others

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    Good guide sir.

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    Vote for sticky

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    Default FAQ - List updated with Common questions - 26/04/09

    This post was initially on building more citys and im sick of all the same threads popping it since people dont use the search function. So ive decided to expand it.

    1. Ive seen so many posts recently on what is needed to build my 2nd/3rd and so on city. Ive not seen this in any of the FAQ's so thought id make this topic and hopefully a MOD will sticky it.

    Just to point out you need 10,000 of each resource including GOLD and own a flat. You also need 250workers.
    1st city - Civilian
    2nd city - Knight
    3rd city - Baronett
    4th city - Baron - Need the title MAJOR to become a Baron.
    5th city - Viscount
    6th city - Earl
    7th city - Marquis(sp)
    8th city - Duke
    9th city - Furstin
    10th city - Prinzessin

    2. City Walls:
    Town Hall affects the appearance of walls.
    Level 4 gives them an outside wall look.
    Level 7 gives your walls towers.
    Level 10 makes them very tall.

    3. Scouting Report(s)

    Few: 1 - 24
    Pack: 25 - 49
    Lots: 50 - 99
    Horde: 100 - 249
    Throng: 250 - 499
    Swarm: 500 - 999
    Zounds: 1000 - 2499
    Legion: 2500 - 4999
    Bulk: 5000 - 10000
    Giga: >10000
    (Not 100% if these are correct, they're close enough, if theres a problem let me know and ill edit it).

    4. Medal Collection

    5. Guide to conquering, and avoiding being conquered

    6. Tax Rate - What should i set it to?

    7. FAQ - Ingame

    8. Importance of Range EXPLAINED.

    9. Attacking a Low Level NPC base

    10. What does my Hero (Castellan) Do?
    See this topic here -
    Aparently that information is wrong and this is correct -

    11. Level 0 Buildings
    Afraid theres nothing you can with this at the moment untill they issue a bug fix

    12. New Player FAQ

    12. Market Guide

    13. Hero's.

    14. Resource Development

    15. Map of State(s)

    16. General F.A.Q's

    17. 2nd/3rd city and so on - RESEARCH F.A.Q & what NOT to build

    18. 5 Minute instant build F.A.Q

    I shall update this topic with common questions that keep popping up on the forum. If you feel the need that something should be added to the list and isnt, Let me know and i shall add it.

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    Very helpful to plenty of players. Also the rank major I believe is required to get the rank Baron. And I thought Baronett was spelt Baronet. But it doesn't actually matter that much.

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    hehe, major is a title. You can't get a ranking Baron without becoming a major. I mixed these things as well.. Peace

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    Major is a title? I never realised, just assumed it was a rank.

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    updated, cheers


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