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Thread: EVONY Building Guide to lvl 10

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    Text EVONY Building Guide to lvl 10

    Hello there! Jinnai Tsrurugi here to offer to you the EVONY Building Guide to Level 10!

    Hope it helps...

    Also, as for the guide for demolishing a building, since it is ridiculous to make one, I'll just tell you the all too simply pattern.
    The amount of resources you will receive back from a demolished building is
    (a = the amount of resources required for the level of construction) [times (x)] (b = 3.333333333){axb}
    Ex. Level 1 Barracks takes 250 Food to build. Multiply that by 3.3333333333, and the amount of Food you will get back is 75.
    Also the time is takes to demolish a building, is the time is took to build it, divided by 2.

    1) I have not actually made it past level 10 on any building, therefore I do not know the info, but I would assume that you would just double the amount of everything, and that will be the cost for a level 11.
    2) I had no hero as Mayor.
    3) Please remember that the total total at the bottom is for "1" of everything. I'm sure you will have more than 1 Farm, Sawmill, ect.
    4) Remember that with the "Construction" research in your academy, the initial times for erecting a structure will be under 5 minutes. But the speed up for free quick finish option will no longer be there because the "original" time to erect said building was NOT under 5 minutes. This will help you to know if the initial time was indeed under 5 minutes.

    5) Little extra note, your current population in your city is directly related to your tax rate.
    For example, my tax rate is 20%, my population limit is 20,000. But my current population will only go up to 16,000.
    And will go back down in time after "Population Raising". (Just a little hint for you)

    Jinnai Tsurugi
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    Why don't you just copypaste it into the post? I'm not downloading that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snipingkid View Post
    Why don't you just copypaste it into the post? I'm not downloading that.
    Ya no one is gonna download that it might have a virus or something just post it or give link
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    is not a virus: only a very well done guide.

    He didn't post in the forum because it's done in a nice format
    (like the guides from for example)

    Well done, rep add.

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    Alright... took a few minutes, but I fixed it.

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    Thanks, it's useful !

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    very nice piece of information.

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    question, did you make this with a hero as mayor, assuming you did, could you add the total time to build into it.
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    Thanks allot, added rep. ^_^

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    Thanks for the info.

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