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    Default *level 9 npc*

    Hello can some one please tell me a good way to attack a level 9 npc please i have one right at side of me and i want to hit

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    Not sure what you mean by "good way"...
    This is what I did:
    98309 archers + rainbow + 1685 trans

    Here is one of the results:

    Most my research are maxed except the ones that require level 10 building.
    Hero attack is around 140+

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    Alright Toey thanks for showing me how you did it pal im goin try it the same way most of you my research is maxed to but my heros attack is only 126 do you think im better off waiting till my heros attack is 140.

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    my idea same as toey, but if you have that ya might as well hit a lvl 10
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    Wink save troops for a lvl10 NPC

    I suggest you not to do this... I suppose you have about 100k+ archers, so make about 50k more and you can conquer a lvl10 NPC! Y
    ou'd have to use other troops like warriors and/or balista... well, you can find many useful guides on how to conquer a lvl10 NPC in the forum, so I won't explain how to do it now...
    lvl9 NPCs have quite a pile of resources, but I recommend saving troops for a lvl10 conquer

    I'm preparing to do it.. maybe I conquer it today


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