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Thread: Wildor's French Cafe. (A French language thread) (BETA)

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    Default Wildor's French Cafe. (A French language thread) (BETA)

    Bickyz was kind enough to suggest this.
    This thread is for anyone who wishes to post in French. I want to make it clear that:
    French is welcome but NOT mandatory.

    English is, and should remain, the universal language of EVONY. However, if French is your maternal tongue, or one you enjoy and want to practice, or even learn a bit, this will be your place.

    Let's keep this place convivial and welcoming.

    To set the scene:

    The door opens into a cozy room of small tables, each with three chairs around and single flower, set in a little ordinary glass, in the middle. Over discreetly placed speakers, the voice of singer Julien Clerc can be heard.
    Behind the bar,which seems crowned with high stools and is commonly known as "le zinc", a man of indeterminate age sings along...

    Ce n'est rien...Tu le sais bien, le temps passe, ce n'est rien...

    (Edit) Bickyz (quel drole de nom...) suggests that any English posts should be put in brackets.
    Also...I can't find my French keyboard anywhere dammit. Apologies for the missing accents.
    EDIT: after typing your message in french, please put the english translation below it, this will help those who cant speak french, to learn. or at least have an understanding.
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