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    Need help with how to take a screenie of your city etc....



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    click the prt scr button which is above your insert button. Open up paint, right click, and paste it. save it, and upload it to a site such as tinypic or photobucket.

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    Or, Click the "Prt Scr" key on the keyboard, then open up "Paint" (Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint), press Ctrl+V to paste the image there, EDIT the coords etc you DONT want shown to everyone, Then click "File" then "Save-as".... Name the image you want and change the image format to "JPG" or "JPEG" to save on size and forum space.

    Then open up a new message in the forum, click on "Attachments" and click "Browse"... find the saved image (where you saved it) then add it to your message. The image then opens up in the forum message in thumbnail format, users then just click it to enlarge.


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    It depends on what type of a computer you are using, if its a pc then use what they said, if its a mac then use command shift and 4 then you can drag over the area you want an image of and it will take a screen shot of the area and make a jpeg of the shot on your desktop.

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    Your title is really annoying.
    That's all I'm gonna say.

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    Soz... Thanks for ur help =) (new pc) it was a lil diffrent.

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