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Thread: Game Interface Guide For Newcomers

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    Text Game Interface Guide For Newcomers

    Copyright 2009 - 2010 Chaoticjoy1
    Do NOT post any contents of this post anywhere without my consent.

    Game Interface Guide -

    Here I am going to explain what everything is and what it does for you and your kingdom on Evony. I will also explain what the inner option do inside each button I explain.

    Bottom Left Buttons:

    Shop: Here you can buy items with the Evony cents.

    - Special Offer: Special Offer is where you can get bundles of stuff for a lower price.
    - Hot Sale: The name of this pretty much explains it, but it gives you some items for lower than usual pricing.
    - Items: Every item Evony offers, you can buy them with your Evony cents.
    - Speed Up: This seperates the speed up items from the rest of the items.
    - Produce: This seperates resource boosters from the rest of the items.
    - Chest: Here you can buy bundles of Medals,Holy Water,Amulets and Hero Hunting items.

    Alliance: This is where you will view you alliance members, events, war reports, and the full list of your alliance aswell as the other ones in your World/Server

    - Alliance Info: This shows you Alliances information and their Introduction and the Alliance Notice.
    - - Friendly: Shows the Alliances that are Friendly with yours.
    - - Neutral: Shows the Alliances that are Neutral with yours.
    - - Hostile: Shows the Alliances that are Hostile towards yours.
    - Member: This give you information on the members that are currently in your Alliance.
    - War Reports: This lists all the Attack and Defence wars made by any member in you Alliance.
    - Events: This shows all the promotions or demotions made by high ranking members of you Alliance. Also it shows group messages too.
    - Alliance List: This shows the full list of Alliances through out the server.

    - Options: These are your Alliance options.
    - - Invite: If you have the correct rank in your Alliance you can invite other players with this.
    - - Permission: If you have the correct rank in your Alliance you can change permissions.
    - - Diplomacy: If you have the correct rank in your Alliance you can change Alliances.
    - - Relinquish Host: If you are the Host you can relinquish it to another member.
    - - Pending Application: These are the pending invite, with the right rank you can accept the pending invites.
    - - Introduction: If you have the correct rank in your Alliance you can change this.
    - - Group Message: If you have the correct rank in your Alliance you can change this.
    - - Resignation: You will resign from your current rank.
    - - Quit Alliance: You quit your alliance and lose 30% of your prestige.
    - Forum: Clicking this will take you to the Evony community forum.

    Quest: Here you can do quests, you need to meet the requirement of each quest. Once that requirement is met you can then accept the quests reward.

    - Routine Quest: This is your routine quest list, you rebuild, build prestige, gain rank or titles and more!
    - Daily Quest: So far there is only one daily quest and it is the Amulet you raffle with everyday.

    Reports: This gives reports on scouting, war, incoming troops, outgoing troops, attacks etc.

    - Enemy: This shows the current time an enemy lord is from attacking your city, your Reports button would be flashing red if anything was in here.
    - Army Movement: This shows how much time your army is from their destination.
    - Allies Info: Any attacks that allied players are recieving or giving.
    - Army: The reports of your plunders, attacks, losses, winnings will be recorded here.
    - Trade: This holds all your trade report, from selling or buying resources.
    - Other: This shows the general reports.

    Forum: This is the Evony community. The place your at right now.

    Contact Us: Use this to contact Evony staff.

    Statistics: This compares you between every other player.

    - Player: This is where you are compared between every player on your server.
    - Hero: Here your heroes are compared with other player heroes.
    - Alliance: This is where alliances are compared.
    - City: This is where cities are compared.

    Mail: You can use this to send messages to any player.

    - Inbox: This is where your received mail from players go.
    - System: This is where Evony staff will send alerts to.
    - Sent box: This is your history for sent mail to other players.
    - Write: You can write a letter to another player here.
    - Bug: Here you can report a bug to the system.

    Top Left HUD:

    - Prestige - This is what you get from building, upgrading, making units and so on. This give you a ranking in the server compared with other players.
    - Alliance - This displays what alliance you are currently in, if you are not in one, it will remain blank.
    - Rank - (This has nothing to do with prestige) This is your rank, you can upgrade it in the Promotion tab in the Quest window.
    - Title - This is your title, you can upgrade it in the Promotion tab in the Quest window.
    - Honor - You can get honor from attacking other players and winning. you can lose honor from being attacking and losing.
    - Ranking by Prestige - This displays your current rank you have based on the amount of prestige you have.

    On the left side of this image are your portrait and three other buttons.

    Portrait: This is your picture you picked when you first started. You can click this picture which opens a windows to change settings such as your name, flag, player status and more.

    - Lord - Shows your chosen lord name when you signed up.
    - - "Change" Button - If you have a "New ID" item you can use it to change your ID, or if you logged in with a default name.
    - Alliance - Shows what alliance you currently are associated with.
    - Rank - Displays your current rank.
    - Title - Displays your current title.
    - (Portrait) - This displays your current portrait, you can change it if it is default, or if chose one at sign up you can't change it.

    - Population - You current total population of all your cities put together.
    - Cities - The amount of cities your have.
    - Heroes - The total amount of heroes you have.
    - Ranking - This displays your ranking by prestige.
    - Prestige - This shows your total of prestige.
    - Honor - This shows you how much honor you have from attacking or successfully defending.

    - Player Status - This shows your players current status, it is Beginner's Protection or Normal.
    - Flag - This is what you set on creation of your lord, if you never set one your have a free chance to edit it, other than that you will need the "National Flag" item.

    Overview: You overview is also your town-hall, it is all the stats about your city and how many cities you have. It tells you all the valleys you have in your control and so on. It also tells you your heroes names and what they are doing as well.

    Items: This is like your inventory, it holds all the items you may of gotten for free or have purchased with Evony cents. It also contains medals which can be used for persuading, promotion and adding loyalty to your heroes.

    Friends List: This is your list of friends, you can Add, Block and Delete friends here.
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    Mid-Right Hud Tutorial:

    Top Statistics:

    - Loyalty Status: This displays your Loyalty/Grievance ratio.
    - Tax Rate: This displays your current tax rate setting, this affects your Loyalty.
    - Gold Amount/Tax: This shows your curren gold amount you have and what amount you are getting for taxing the population.
    - Population/Idle Population: This shows your current population you get from your cottages and your current idle population.

    Left City Bar:

    Top Bar:

    Lv.: This ticks the display of the level in front of your buildings.

    IE Icon: Here you can change the header on your browser to trick your boss if your not supposed to be playing it.

    Package Icon: You claim your gifts here.

    Town: This displays the interior of your city.

    City: This displays the exterior of your city.

    Map: This shows what all around the city itself, like players, valleys and NPCs.
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    Lol. Will use it when I start new server, and will help me to explain to the noobs.

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    ok glad you like it, i figured it would mostly be a noob helper lol

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    Default Hero Stats

    Could someone explain to me what the hero stats mean? I've learned politics increase city production as long as the hero is the mayor but intelligence and atteributes

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    Added to the library
    Rules are to follow ...not to break!!

    Best tip for getting medals : Attack the shop with 80-240 cents get a medal chest drop every time......tested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satan View Post
    Good guide for noobs, but wouldnt do me any good +rep for you(actually like+3 bcasue I have 300 posts).

    As an add-on, I would kinda explain what happenes after you click. Ex. Clicking on the gift.

    Rep doesn't increase until you hit lord status at about 1500 posts, I think.
    So it's only +1 rep, not +3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasterbee View Post
    That's a cleverly stupid response, trogdor.

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    UNDERSTAND that this isnt quite finished yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaoticjoy1 View Post
    UNDERSTAND that this isnt quite finished yet
    i didnt need this guide, but as far as guides go, this is alot more in depth than ive ever noticed. bravo, good sir. Bravo indeed
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    Under this top bar is the truce icon and occassionally a female face with red x over the mouth, what is this icon and the meaning.
    Thank you for the informative info so far.

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