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Thread: Evony on the iPhone

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    Default Evony on the iPhone

    it would be cool if there was an iphone app for evony! or if there already is one or if anybody knows how to log in on the iphone please let me know

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    I've heard people logging in from their iPhones.

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    There's no flash player for iPhone yet so no one's logging in yet and if so pleeeeease tell me how

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    I can use it from my iPod Touch, but it requires a jailbroken iPod, and a computer. So it's a bit worthless. Also, I suggested this but it seems like, at least, Evony Age I isn't going to have an iPod/iPhone compatible application.
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    We have chosen not to pursue any iPod* or iPhone* applications for Evony: Age I.

    *note: iPod, iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
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