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    Game Rules

    The following rules will be valid for all Servers listed at: Evony

    If you have questions about any of the articles below, please contact us from contact list at: Contact List

    Please note that complaints and inquires concerning a particular account will only be discussed with the account owner, for privacy reasons.

    Any account which breaks the rules from the articles below is subject to being blocked from our servers.

    The Essence of Evony Game

    The Essence of Evony is a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in waging battles, forging alliances and conducting the affairs of your cities. Any unfair, unreasonable or immoral tactics or behaviors are strictly forbidden. Game play is what Evony is all about, and the Evony Team strictly enforces the rules that govern game play, to keep Evony enjoyable for everyone. The Evony Team considers most conduct to be part of the Game. Evony is a "player vs. player" game, and players should always remember to defend themselves in areas where the members of hostile alliances can attack. That said, if you feel an opponent is using a strategy or tactic that breaks the game rules, we suggest you contact the Evony Team's in-game customer service representatives to report the abuse. We hope our players can be build a civilized and friendly spirit of competition in the Evony world!

    Account Use
    • Each player is allowed to hold 1, and only 1, account per server.
    • If a player or players wish to play two or more accounts from the same network, a Game Operator must be notified without exception. In these cases, the accounts will not be able to have military contact while on the same connection.
    • The e-mail address used for the registration of an account must be under the personal and exclusive control of the person who registered the account.
    • There is no compensation for damage done by someone logging onto your account, no matter how they got your password, so keep it safe! This leads to the next point.
    • Evony Team members and staff will NEVER ask for your password. If anyone claiming to work with the company ever asks for your personal account information, please report them immediately and do not give them your password.
    • Commercial account exchanges are not allowed. This includes buying or selling accounts for money or in-game currency. We will monitor such transaction and block accounts that participate in such unfair commercial account trading.


    Deliberately abusing a bug for profit or to benefit yourself, or intentionally concealing a bug is strictly prohibited.

    • Using a third-party program as an interface between the player and the game is prohibited. Any other form of automatically generating information for a player or group of players to give them any type of military or economic advantage is banned as well.

    This includes but is not limited to:
    • Bots
    • Macros
    • Automated databases.

    Abuse of the rules and their applications
    • Lying to or misleading any staff member in an attempt to get an unfair, favorable ruling or to profit unfairly from a staff member's decision is forbidden.

    This includes but its not limited to:
    • Reporting messages that do not break (or discuss breaking of) the rules.
    • Impersonating or claiming to be a staff member, no matter your intentions.
    • Distributing false, negative information about a staff member or the game in general.

    Real Life Threats
    Voicing the intention to find and do harm to another person (including any user, team member, or Evony representative) within the game, forum, or the official chat system is strictly prohibited.

    • Any action obstructing a player's view of a normal chat flow and game play.

    This applies amongst other things to:
    • Repeated in-game messages or generation of system messages.
    • Advertisements for other games or content.

    • Some topics inevitably lead to conflict and discussions tend to create heated emotional responses and unnecessarily hostile or offensive remarks. Evony is meant to be a place where people of widely differing views can come without fear of hostility, offense or lecture. For this reason, discussion in-game and on the forums should avoid highly controversial topics. Content which fails to meet these criteria may be censored or punished on a temporary or permanent basis; no complaints will be processed on these topics and, as always, the game team will have the final say.
    • DO NOT use any prohibited topics, words which listed below:

    * Politics
    * Religion
    * Sex and sexuality

    • The game publisher reserves the right to exclude players who are unable or unwilling to speak the native language associated with a server.

    This includes, but is not limited to:
    * Game
    * Forums
    * Official chat system

    • The rules also apply to in-game personal messages, in-game alliance pages, in-game alliance applications and in-game circular messages.
    • Take into account that a member of the game support team has authority to block you from connecting to the server on a temporary or permanent basis, to preserve the integrity of the game. This includes accounts which may or may not have broken any of the rules above.
    • Consider that negative or unruly behavior on any of the services may end up in a permanent or temporary ban from all of the services.
    • The Terms and Conditions are posted above the rules. Please read them as well.

    Non-official Game Client
    Players may connect to the game using the authorized, unmodified Game Client ONLY. Using any non-official, unauthorized, or third-party Game Client, program or script as an accessory or intermediary between the player and Evony game is forbidden. Any other scripts or programs, including but not limited to automatic information generating mechanisms which advantage or disadvantage any group of players for malevolent purposes is forbidden as well.

    Please comply with the Game Rules at all times. Enjoy your time in Evony and thank you for your support!
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