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Thread: Farming NPC with archers only?

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    Default Farming NPC with archers only?

    I'm thinking about trying to use my army of archers to farm the local lvl 3 NPCs for food. I'd rather not use my Ballistas, because they are busy with lvl 4s for gold.

    Would this be possible with 0 loss? I've got Arhery 8, so I should have a range of ~1770, while the NPC has 3wall/3archery for what I believe is a range of ~1740 (my own math guess). Assuming I bring enough firepower to match the same number of Ballistas, I'd hope it will do the job. Wondering if anyone has tried it themselves.

    PS. I'd be using transports still for resources.

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    if u attack with only archers there will always be a loss
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    Wow... yea, totally forgot about the 1k+traps in all NPC towns. Nevermind


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