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Thread: How do u send group messages?

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    Default How do u send group messages?

    Can someone tell me how u send group messages, I went to my alliance picked a member wrote the email and that checked the box on the right but no one got the email.

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    I am only a member in the alliance, I don't know if that matters.

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    anyone at all?

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    ok.. Go to your "Mebmers" tab on your alliance page.. Then click "view" of any member, then click "Write".. When you go there, erase the name in "Send To" and just check the "Send Group Message" box... That should work for EVERYBODY, even members... If you're a high-ranking presbyter, just go to Options in alliance page and click send group message.

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    i was told only officers in your alliance can

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    I've had people from my alliance send group messages before and only be members. Not sure if its been changed or not


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