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Thread: Newbies Guide to Evony!

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    Default Newbies Guide to Evony!

    This guide consists of two parts. One the FAQ and secondly my guide to making the most of beginner protection.

    The FAQ part of this guide will give you a basic understanding of Evony and give the more experience players in your Alliance something to point you towards instead of answering the same questions 50 times a day.

    To begin this guide I will start with the most important part that everyone new to Evony should read!


    I looked all over map I have yet to see a single valley -> Valleys are: Forests, Lakes, Flats, Swamps, Grasslands, Hills and Deserts.

    Where do I get medals -> You get medals from attacking valleys.

    EDIT: Ok I have been reading up about how to get medals for a while I finally found a method with some logic. Conquer and abandon. why does this make sense and other ways do not? Well because you have best chance to find a medal attacking a FULLY REGENERATED valley and when you abandon a valley it becomes FULLY REGENERATED.

    I have conquered my four valleys what happens if I attack more
    -> You gain resources and have chance of finding medal, then your troops automatically return to the city they were sent from

    Can I take another players city -> Yes, but only if the player has one or more cities. You CANNOT take a players only city.

    I got mail saying protection expired -> You often receive this hours early, your protection expires when your status changes.

    100% rate will kill my population/loyalty -> It will if you do not use disaster relief every 24 minutes or more (nice bonus 13 prestige is awarded each time you use this)

    How to get the most out of 100% tax -> Set tax rate to 5%. At 95 loyalty use disaster relief. Set tax rate 100%. Use disaster relief at 95 loyalty (which will happen in 24 minutes)

    I logged in and population was 0 -> This is why you DO NOT leave tax rate on 100% when you are not on to use disaster relief.

    Can I spawn an NPC and if so how -> Take a flat the level of flat determines npc level. build a city, build a rally point, send resources back. Abandon city. Thats it you will soon have an npc equal to the level of townhall

    How quickly does an NPC regain resources -> 5% an hour so every 20 hours it will have fully regained its resources.

    When do I get to have a castle on map -> Level 7 townhall

    When do I get to have a citadel on map -> level 10 townhall

    Is there a fast way to move heros between my cities -> Yes, reinforce your city with 1 scout and the hero you want to move

    How much is my next research cost -> Your next research costs double the last research for that field. Example 10k, 20k, 40k, 80k are the
    costs for the first 5 levels of archery

    How long is my next research -> just like the gold double the time of the last research

    I found a level 15 hero is that good -> maybe, a heroes level has nothing to do with how good he is. To determine how good a hero is take the highest base stat 70 and add to that their level in this case 15, so the ideal level 15 hero is 85 in its highest attribute. If you find a hero with the ideal amount hire/persuade that hero now! You are incredibly lucky. Otherwise a hero level 15 with highest attribute 75+ is ok, if you can use holy on the hero if its above level 1 and put extra stats into the main attribute.

    How big a difference is a level 20 hero with 70 highest attribute and level 1 hero with 70 highest stat -> Simply when the level 1 hero reaches level 20 he will have 90 in that attribute, cost less when you immidiatly hire him and allways be better slightly better then the level 20 hero who started at 70 highest attribute.

    How much a difference does 1 attribute make -> 1%.

    1% of what -> If it is a political hero 1% boost in resources and 1% reduction in construction time, if he is attack hero 1% increase unit defence if attacked and reduction in unit training time, if he is int hero less chance of sucessful scout of your city and 1% reduction in research time. This is only when they are mayor, these attributes mean different things if you send them to attack. Quick summary on attributes when attacking: Politics lowers loyalty, Attack increases units attack, Intelligence increases chance to gain intelligence when scouting.

    what is most valuable resource -> Lumber, it is worth the most on market.

    What is most important resource -> Food, without it no armies and no population

    What do I want to produce and in what quantities
    -> While in beginner protection: 11 Sawmills, 3 Ironmines, 5 Quarries, 3 Farms. If you plan to be very active in the game and want to make the most you can build more sawmills and less farms while in beginner protection.

    How do I manage without farms -> Food on a new server is very cheap, buy it. The less farms you have the more you can have producing something valuable like lumber.

    Ok but when price of food goes up what then -> By then you are farming npcs who at level 4 give 1.6 million food. However many people will
    not have many level 1-4 npcs within 10 miles and even fewer people will be the only ones farming them. This is why once out of bigginer protection the first thing I recommend is upgrade townhall then use extra city plots to build farms! There you have it, you got the best of both worlds the high valued lumber at the start and the food needed to feed the army you are now building up.

    Should I build a warehouse -> Yes get the quest done. Then I suggest demolishing it. Warehouse will protect your resources whoever you can all ways move your resources to another town of your or someone in your alliances. You can also send out your transports far away then recall them when it is safe.

    How do I level my intelligence hero -> When a building or research finishes the hero that is mayor gets the experience for it. So in the last minute before something finishes switch to your int hero and wait until his experience jumps. Once he has the experience switch back to your political hero.

    It says I will lose protection when upgrading townhall but I thought I lost it allready -> Click your profile picture if it says 'peaceful' under status your beginner protection has expired. It will allways give you this message and does NOT mean you still have protection.

    Someone Attacked and my units just let them!
    -> You did not open gate. To open gate click on the rally point and check the box that says open gate.

    What does the add to CL button do
    -> It will add them to your co-ordinate list

    What is a co-ordinate list -> In map view you click your cities name below co-ordiantes and it will show you all the locations you have on your CL

    This should cover 90% of the questions asked daily in my alliance I hope it does yours.
    Banana (I added this word to make sure noobies in my alliance read the guide)

    The second part is my guide to making the most of beginner protection. I do not claim this is the best way just the way I like to do it. If you follow my guide you will have over 30K prestige and be able to farm a level 4 NPC the first hour after your beginner protection wears off. My first time using these steps I had 50k Prestige and farmed a level 4 NPC my 7th day with zero losses.
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    My Seven Day Guide

    Day one: Follow the 63 steps (Thank you Kenshin08 who originally wrote these steps)

    1. Click Quest button
    Daily Quest tab, Get reward

    2. Build Cottage level 2
    Speed it up

    3. Build Inn
    Speed it up

    Click City

    4. Build Farm
    Speed it up

    5. Build Sawmill
    Speed it up

    6. Build Quarry
    Speed it up

    7. Build Ironmine
    Speed it up

    Turn in quest

    8. Build Sawmill level 2
    Speed it up

    9. Build 3 Cottages level 2
    Speed it up

    10. Build Rally Spot
    Speed it up

    11. Build Barracks
    Speed it up

    Turn in quest

    12. Build Feasting Hall
    Wait for it to complete

    A good time is 3-5 minutes
    The record is 0:01:29

    At this point you should have about 200 Prestige, 7300 Food, 3950 Lumber, 5750 Stone, 7300 Iron -- pat yourself on the back!

    While waiting
    13. Do 10 push-ups because exercise is good for you!

    14. Click Overview, Levy and choose Stone
    15. Click Overview, Comforting and choose Praying
    Turn in quest

    16. Train 10 Workers in your Barracks

    17. Click Overview and set the Production of all four resources to 100
    Turn in quest

    18. Click Overview and set the Tax Rate to 20%
    Turn in quest

    19. Click Overview and rename your city
    Turn in quest

    20. Click your portrait and change your flag
    Turn in quest

    21. Click the Wheel of Fortune (the roulette in the bottom-left corner), then Apply
    Turn in quest

    22. When Feasting Hall finishes
    Turn in quest

    23. Recruit hero from Inn
    Turn in quest

    24. Appoint him mayor in Feasting Hall
    Turn in quest

    Note: Check the Inn periodically - if a hero with at least 10 higher Politics is available, replace your current hero with him. Higher

    politics reduces construction time and increases resource production!

    25. Build Marketplace
    Turn in quest

    26. Train 10 Warriors in your Barracks

    27. Build Town Hall level 2
    Turn in quest

    28. Levy Lumber
    Comfort with Disaster Relief

    29. Build Embassy
    Turn in quest

    30. Build Academy
    Turn in quest

    31. Research Lumbering

    32. Build Warehouse
    Turn in quest

    33. demolish warehouse.

    34. Research Agriculture

    35. Build Ironmine level 2
    Speed it up

    36. Build Ironmine level 3
    <insert> Build Two level 2 Cottages
    37. Build Forge
    Speed it up
    Turn in quest

    38. Build Forge level 2

    39. Research Military Science

    40. Build Workshop
    Turn in quest

    41. Build Quarry level 2

    Speed it up

    Note: If you get stuck, Levy the missing resource

    42. Build Walls
    Turn in quest

    43. Build Beacon Tower
    Turn in quest

    44. Build Beacon Tower level 2
    Turn in quest

    45. Build Beacon Tower level 3
    Turn in quest

    46. Build Town Hall level 3
    Turn in quest

    47. Build Walls level 2
    Turn in quest

    48. Click Gift icon in top-left corner
    Claim Newbies Package and Package for Lords
    Click My Items, Chest tab
    Open both packages by clicking Detail, then Apply

    At this point you should be a Lieutenant with about 1400 Prestige, 35000 Food, 15000 Lumber, 20000 Stone, 25000 Iron

    49. Build Farm level 2
    Speed it up

    49. Build 6 Sawmill level 3
    Speed it up

    50. Build 3 Quarry level 3
    Speed it up

    Continue building up 11 Sawmill level 3, and 6 Quarry level 3

    Build cottages to keep population from going red (eventually you will want 10 or 11 cottages in your city)

    51. Build Academy level 2 when resources allow
    Turn in quest

    52. Research Masonry

    53. Build Barracks level 2
    Turn in quest

    54. Research Mining

    55. Build Academy level 3
    Turn in quest

    56. Research Informatics
    Speed it up

    57. Research Military Tradition

    58. Train 10 Scouts in your Barracks

    59. Build Barracks level 3
    Turn in quest

    60. Train 10 Pikemen

    At this point you should be a Knight with about 2100 Prestige, 40000 Food, 15000 Lumber, 7500 Stone, 10000 Iron

    61. Build Marketplace level 2

    Recommended resources to have: 12 sawmills, 4 quarry, 3 food, 3 iron

    Explanation: 12 sawmills as stated earlier most valuable resource. 4 quarries you need stone to build and reasonably priced if you wanted to cut down to 1 quarry but this requires you to spend more time watching market, 3 food is low but food is very cheap and while in beginner protection you don't need to feed an army until the 7th day at which point you can upgrade town hall and build all the farms you want, 3 iron because archers use iron, again like stone you can have one but that requires you to spend even more time watching market.

    I used these steps when I started they worked well for me.

    Tip: I will just say this once now. The market is a great way to get gold. If you watch it you will see sometimes you can be the highest bidder and lowest seller while making 20%-50% profit! Expecially when a server is new prices are unstable, pay attention to them and you will make more then enough to pay for the research you need.

    My suggestion on finding an alliance:
    start on page one! If an alliance is in top 50 it is active that is most important. Now starting from page one look for an alliance that says in its description something such as "We are based in". So the first alliance you see starting from the first page that says it is based in your area apply. If they reject you ask what is the prestige requirement or if they have a second devision you can join (example Romans RomansII). If they do not respond keep moving down the list until you find one. This worked for me I am in a great alliance with alot of active people in the top 10. (Server 52 alliance UENO)

    Day Two: Build cottages you want about 10 or 11 in each of your cities. Upgrade resources starting with sawmills. make warriors. While building warriors upgrade barracks to level 4. Research lumber to level 5. Research construction. Once level 4 Barracks is reached and warriors are done build archers. Be sure to find a hero today with attack above 65! Start leveling this hero immediately by conqouring 4 valleys using the archers and warriors you have built. Still got time? Go back to upgrading and researching resources!
    Second City: Get this today. Build level 1 inn. Build level 1 feasting hall. Find a hero with 60+ politics as soon as possible. Build an Academy, upgrade it as soon as possible so resource fields get boost from research and most importantly construction. Build level 1 rally point. Build resources, upgrade resources, once resources are to high to upgrade instantly if you have time keep upgrading, once your out of time upgrade your townhall and call it a day.

    The image below shows the heroes I found. The highlighted hero is my intelligence hero and his stats make him the best hero I have even though his level is low:

    Day Three: Upgrade resources. Upgrade barracks to level 8, if you can start level 9 upgrade this evening. Research level up to level 6 archery. Research Iron working up to level 6. By now you should have your four valleys. You should continue attacking valleys without loss to gain xp for your attack hero and for the chance of finding a medal. If you do find a medal immediately jump up, do a dance and sing a song! Because you are one lucky SOB!
    Second City: Upgrade resources, upgrade townhall. Once your townhall is level 4, send your troops with your attack hero to this city. Once your troops are at this city conqour 4 valleys and get your valley boosts. If possible you want all your valleys lumber valleys. When you have done this continue attacking valleys for chance to find a medal and experience. It does not matter what city you keep your troops in.

    Day Four: Build level 9 barracks. Switch mayor to your attack hero then Start 250 bastillas (use napoleons to speed up 30% the finish time once applied should be less then 72 hours if you have proper attack hero) You do NOT need to have your attack hero as mayor while troops train so once ballistas are started switch back to political hero. Keep attacking valleys in hopes of getting a medal and to level attack hero. Continue to research construction and resources. You should have found an intelligence hero with 65+ in his intelligence attribute if you haven't find one quickly you will need it tomorrow.
    Second City: Have this city contributing to research remember the 100% tax rate tip, use it! Both cities as much as possible 100% tax, disaster relief every 24 minutes! Keep building up resources.

    Day Five: If you managed to keep up so far congratulations. There is one more thing you must do if you plan to attack level four npc when protection wears off. Research level 7 archery! Yes it costs a lot but if you do not start it soon it wont be ready for when your beginner protection wears off and your stuck with level 1-3 npcs are likely being farmed right now and by the time you get there will be dried up. So today get level 7 archery MAKE SURE TO HAVE YOUR INTELLIGENCE HERO AS MAYOR BEFORE YOU START RESEARCH!!! once research is started however you
    can switch your mayor back to political hero. Continue to upgrade resources and attack valleys.
    Second City: Continue to upgrade resources, research construction and resources.

    Day Six: Ok so the hard part is done, now for the easy part. Upgrade resources, research construction and resources. BUILD ARCHER TOWERS!
    The more the better idealy you will have 1k for both your cities by the end of beginner protection so start now. Keep attacking valleys and leveling your attack hero(es) you may have more then one by now which is great it will let you attack more npcs/players at one time. Make sure if you plan to do this you upgrade rally point a few times does not take long to get to level 4.
    Second City: Build up resources, upgrade wall and when you can build archer towers. If you have enough gold continue to research resources and construction.</insert>
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    Day Seven: This is the big day your 250 ballistas will be finishing and you will be able to farm the npcs. However if you upgraded your resources properly you are a high prestige 30-60k prestige. This will attract alot of attention to you! People will think of you as an easy target that if you grew this fast you have no army! Depending on what you want to do and your style of play now is the time to build either warrior and archer combo or alot of scouts to keep you hidden detturing attacks. Also now is the time to fill in all those empty plots with barracks. I personally had 5k warriors 1k archers and 4k scouts. That is just me though I wanted to have 4k scouts so I could remain unkown and use that to intimidate people into joining our alliance. Although I purposesly left out one thing this entire time it is allways good to read ahead and for those who did: YOU NEED 350 TRANSPORTS! You cant expect your ballistas to kill everyone and carry everything! So make sure you build those as well.

    If you did everything I said in this guide your protection is now wearing off, you are sending your ballistas/transports to raid the closest lvl 4 npc, leaving your city defended by your warriors, archers and archer towers. You are well on your way to dominating Evony!

    My first attack on level four npc: dedf8c145ba786d6adf269d8e29291a2.xml

    (I actually had time to make an extra 30 ballistas however 250 is enough)

    Useful sources:

    All about ballistas and research needed for lvl 5 npc ->

    (note: Level 1&2 npc only require lvl 6 archery and any level horseback, level 3&4 npc requires level 7 archery and any level horseback however level 5 requires a combo of archery and horseback this is what the guide covers best. ***Note it is not clear but this thread the list of horseback and archery combinations are for level 5 NPCS*** They do not say this and sadly it causes confusion in an otherwise perfect guide)

    Evony wiki covers all the building costs/times for every unit and building also has other useful information ->

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    Excellent guide.Nice job.
    Oh Shizzzzzzz
    Got Snappppppped

    Fly like your high

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    great thanx

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    Very nice guide, added to library , i only have 2 comments though :

    Should I build a warehouse -> Yes get the quest done. Then demolish it! If you want a safe place for resources put them on market!

    I want to keep my resources not sell them so why put them on market -> Market is free storage if you price them higher then they will not sell.

    So if lumber sells at 0.5 put it on for 1.5 so no one will buy and no one can touch if they raid you!
    Your resources can still be plundered even if you put them in the market, so it is not that safe ( although if i recall the scout report wont show them )

    And i added the not in red, i think you meant they will not sell ( did you ? )
    Rules are to follow ...not to break!!

    Best tip for getting medals : Attack the shop with 80-240 cents get a medal chest drop every time......tested

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    Some good info, but how on earth can you build your 2nd city on day 2? Don't you need 10 cross medals and 5 rose medals before you can build your 2nd city?

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    Shoko-koko -> oh ok, I knew it took the resources from you and did not show that you had them thought this meant they were safe. I will change this right away thanks and yes I did mean wont sell

    Camelot Kid -> Top left corner of screen is a present click that and you should be able to claim your lords package and newbies package

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camelot Kid View Post
    Some good info, but how on earth can you build your 2nd city on day 2? Don't you need 10 cross medals and 5 rose medals before you can build your 2nd city?
    No, just 10k of each resource and 250 workers and 250 warriors.

    Great guide!  9012 Chosen_72 - SS46 We're Chosen, They're Not, That's Their Problem...

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    Omg, thanks it helped alot.

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