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Thread: Server Down ...needs to be a message

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    Default Server Down ...needs to be a message

    There needs to be a place on the Homepage or at least the forums that let's us know when the server is down. Even if it's a crash, at least people have something to check, and not just continually try and get on w/o any luck.


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    True. But i think people get the point with everyone talking about it now. Besides It's been going on all day.

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    Agreed. There's no excuse - none at all - for not letting us know what's going on. Is it going to take all night or will it be a few minutes? I'm tired of wasting time hoping the game will start up again. Bad PR.

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    this would be simple for them to implement, I was thinking of coding one... the reason why this would be simple is they give the server address and port numbers in the config.xml file that you download every time u run the game

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    UMGE is currently working on a server status, for the convenience of the players like you. Yay

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    Oh here's an idea. Why don't they FIX IT! Come on this have been a problem forever. I'm ready to quit! I'm sure alot of people are. Oh, and they want us to buy cents? Ya, to play a game that works sometimes. Really dumb!

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    if you don't know that running a server like this takes up a lot, then you should not be playing. they will fix it, its a new game, give them some time.

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