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Thread: How to Conquer level 7 and 8 NPC

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    Default How to Conquer level 7 and 8 NPC

    Hi ALL
    As i have read to conquer a NPC effectively and efficiently the ideal distance would be 1 mile away from your cities

    i have read with interest and excitement about members here conquering NPC 10 but unfortunately the NPC near me are only level 7 and 8 but nevertheless i would like to have some fun and attempt to conquer either the level 7 or 8 NPC.

    Can some maestro warlords here give me some advices and strategies on how to conquer NPC 7 and 8 successfully

    What are the exact amount and method to use

    Any advice is Very much appreciated

    ~If you think you can , you can !~

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    Well, i guess the most hard part to take a npc10, is the first blow, since it'll have all wall defence and troops there.
    NPC 7 and 8 can be plundered only using warriors, so that part definitely will not be a problem.
    Actually i personaly never tried to get a npc different than lvl10, but i think a lot of info and techniques of taking down a npc10 can be applied here, such as attack frequency, etc
    The big difference would be the troops.

    As far as i know, npc7 can be plundered using abt 50k+ warriors and npc8 with 80k+ warriors. If i were you, i'd send the first blow with that number and send abt 20-30% of the troops used at the first hit to do the next ones, within 2 minutes gap


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    Thanks for answering Nix
    Guess i have to try some combinations , hope i dont get too many losses

    Seem like everyone here is just going for level 10 NPC wish i had one near me
    ~If you think you can , you can !~


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