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Thread: Advanced Scout Bomb (PvP) Offense - Tactics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badjr View Post
    just so you all know, he did not make this guide...he took it exactly word for word off of evonypedia:

    One of my friends originally posted this, and I'd like it if you would have at least posted it wasn't yours in the first place; aside from a little editing to the authors notes

    At the very least you could have posted the link to the original site you got this from
    lol, okay well i haven't played this game in 6 months. But good to see My original post was copy and pasted onto that site. I think if you check the date of my original post, to the date of this copy and paste, you will see that my post was indeed the first ever of this guide

    Anyways most of this is probably out of date now.. so please disregard, but good to see that it helped some folks during that time.
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    the camp time marker doesn't work but theres other methods - catapult + transports from a far city works well.

    Scout bombing is very popular still today. This is still an amazing guide.


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