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    First off: I'm not complaining. I'm not whining. I'm not blaming. I'm not railing on evony's mechanics. I'm just

    All my techs are maxed. My hero had excalibur, giving him 190+ attk. I had war horn going and corselet running. All my other archers were out doing something more important so I hit a lvl 10 while I was waiting.

    I got the resource glitch...which I don't really care about. But....well, I don't need to say what puzzles me about this report. All flames and comments appreciated ('specially from drizz).
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    Should of sent clearing waves for the Traps,Logs,DT.
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    plus level 10 npc used to have 11k abatis. now they have 11k traps instead of the 5k or so they used to have

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    no need for clearing waves

    Just send those again, but this time try

    1000 wars 1000 pike 1000 swords 97000 archers, you'll win with FAR FEWER loss.

    (make sure you still have that 190+ attack buff going).

    Search for my recent posts I posted 3 attacks with 5-7k archers loss (hero about 210 atk)

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    This isn't my first attempt at farming a lvl 10....I never use suicide waves.

    I was regularly hitting them with 5-7k losses just yesterday. Basically same exact troops sent, maybe a few more archers but still....even if I had added another 5k archers how would that make a 45-50k diff in archer loss?

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    it's the 1000 pike and 1000 swords that will get you 2 extra rounds (before what's left of 400k warriors get to your archers)

    If you lose more than 10k archers it is because you couldn't kill off all the defending warriors before they advance and melee your arches. The 1k swords and 1k pike will get you 2 extra rounds and will most likely save you more than 20k archers loss. Quote me on this.

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    Ok. I'll reply back tomorrow with a "wow cauchy ty. your are so right." comment of some sort.

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    Try using 95k archers, 1k warr, 1k sword, 1k pike and 2k transports. I only have a 7k archer loss unless I forget warhorn then its 40k archer loss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziegbod View Post
    Try using 95k archers, 1k warr, 1k sword, 1k pike and 2k transports. I only have a 7k archer loss unless I forget warhorn then its 40k archer loss.
    That's not right, lol.

    I use those numbers and get around 10k archer loss.

    Nvm, maybe your techs/hero atk level isn't as high as mine.
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