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Thread: Login Problem Help Section

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    Exclamation Login Problem Help Section

    some players doesn't know what's going on. maybe they didn't see the latest news, or maybe they thought the server down. so here i am to help:
    latest news:

    War horns are heard across Evony,a new Warlord is needed!

    On Aug 31st 2009,Evony is proud to announce it is rolling out the Summer 2009 Campaign,"Call of the Warlord",in servers W1,W2,W3,W4 and W5. In just a few short moments an exciting journey into a new world full of new challenges,new friends and new enemies will begin.

    The campaign shall take 24 hours to prepare. During this time players will not be able to log on servers W1, W2, W3, W4 and W5. Please click here!( to learn more.

    Best Regards,

    Evony Team

    and the contain in

    War horn is blown across Evony. New foes arise from nowhere!
    Crush all who dare to stand in your way. Prove yourself the Warlord of Evony!

    Have you demonstrated your power in the land of Evony? Do you feel unchallenged as no one can be your match? And have you been fancied by the idea of wrestling with Lords and Ladies from other Evonian lands?

    The chance is right around the corner. On Aug 31st, 2009, Evony will roll-out the Summer 2009 Campaign, Call of the Warlord. There, your dream of fighting players from other servers will come true.

    Who will be the Warlord?

    The honor of the land, wars of alliances, struggle for survival, the astute veterans, fearless newbie and the relentless world, all is coming soon. Countless flame of wars, ever tougher rivals and more lethal collisions, ONLY the strongest will win!

    Let’s cross our fingers!

    Or, if you are peace lover and only want to defend your own confinement, the Campaign is here for you. Meet new friends and share more fun. Hand in hand to fence off foes. How amazing is that?

    Now, let’s check out what the Campaign could bring us.
    Which servers are selected for the Campaign, Call of the Warlord?

    W1, W2, W3, W4 and W5
    These will be merged to a new high class server, WN1.
    What should I know of the Campaign?

    Here are the facts that you should know about the Campaign:

    1. User registration of the above merging servers will be closed at 5:00 am,Aug 28th, 2009 .
    2. The 5 servers to be merged will be closed for service at 0:00 am Aug 31st, 2009.
    3. After closure of the merging servers, the access to them via below URLs will be redirected to the new server.,,,,
    4. The gaming process, i.e. building, producing, researching, quest, hero salary payment, troops’ food consumption, etc. will all be frozen at the time of merging until user log in (activation).
    5. All alliances will be disbanded.
    6. All cities with all original resources and heroes from the 5 merging servers will be randomly positioned across the map.
    7. All troops will be automatically recalled to departure cities at the time of merging.
    8. All valleys will be reset as unoccupied, available for everyone.
    9. All system and personal mails will be erased during merging.
    10. All battle reports will be erased during merging.
    11. If lord or lady names of different account happen to be the same, system will add to the end the server name that they belong to. For example, John_w1, John_w2.
    12. All players will have 7 days of protection, during which no war may be forced upon any of the players’ cities. Yet players within protection may not launch any attack. The protection state may be canceled by clicking an icon at the top left corner.
    13. All players will have ONE chance to change their character names for free.

    And below are facts concerning users that have more than one characters in those 5 servers:

    1. Only ONE of the 5 characters will be kept, the rest will be closed
    2. Players will have 3 days from now to make a decision (though hard) on which will survive, and then go to this Page( to tell us. If you unfortunately miss the chance to tell us which one to stay by deadline (at 9:00 am on Aug 30th, 2009), we shall automatically pick one with the highest prestige and close the rest.
    3. The cents and the items of the closed characters will be combined and transferred to the surviving character. In addition, we shall fund 10% of the total amount of cents of the closed characters.

    For example, if a player has three characters, John, Aragorn and Bell in W1, W3 and W4 respectively. And Aragorn gets to stay, then John and Bell will be abandoned. Cents and items of John and Bell will be combined and given to Aragorn.

    Supposedly, John and Bell has 500 cents ea., so that’s 1000 cents in total. Beyond the 1000 cents, we shall fund additional 100 cents (1000 x 10%). So the total amount transferred is 1100 cents. With the cents that Aragorn has, which is 1000, this player shall have 2100 cents in the new server WN1.

    And all closed characters will be further compensated by cents. The amount is decided by their respective titles:

    Prinzessin: 1000cents
    Furstin, Duke, Marquis and Earl: 500 cents
    Viscount, Baron, Baronet and Knight: 200 cents

    What can I get from this Campaign?

    New friends, new foes, better server and better experience, these alone would already suffice and ignite your passion. But, that is not enough! We want to make it even more fantastic. So here we go:

    1. Hosts of alliances with 100 members will each be given a Ritual of Pact, if they have their Lvl 10 Embassy destroyed for some purpose.
    2. All Lords and Ladies will be given Adv.City Teleport, the number of which will be equal to the number of cities that they own.
    3. All Lords and Ladies will have a Kick-Start Gift Package, including each of an AIron Rake, a Double Saw, an Adv. Quarrying Tools and a Blast Furnace.
    4. All cities will each be given the amount of Food equal to their max capacity. This will be added as extra to the balance of Food that a city stocks.

    All in all, during the Campaign, you will lose not a penny and gain a lot more cents, items and friends.
    When will the new server open?

    The new server, WN1, will open at 12:00 am on Aug 31st, 2009.

    after that player who wish to continue in the new server WN1 should go to :
    to activate the account.

    and here's the latest system mail:
    Evony Community,

    You have been asking for it, we're bringing you it!

    Evony is pleased to announce the 2009 Summer Campaign, "Call of the Warlord". This huge event is going to be bringing together all of the best on World Servers 1-5. Due to this, we are bringing all five world servers offline at 0:00am August 31st 2009 (CDT) so that we can begin preparing for this epic chapter in the saga of the Evonian lands. After 8 hours, a new server named WN1 will be online for the campaign to begin!

    Don't worry, you will not lose one penny and instead we'll be ensuring all players who are involved with this campaign are given specific packages.

    And that isn't even the best part! Check out these bonuses!

    50 cents FREE to the first 100 players to be activated on the new server!
    50 cents FREE to each member of the first 5 alliances to be established with 20 members on the new server!

    That's a fantastic kickstart bonus for those who want to be at the competitive edge! We'll be placing the bonus cents to those who are quick within 3 business days of WN1 opening. Don't wait or you might miss out!

    So if you're on World Servers 1 -5, we need you to immediately go to this page:

    You will see a landing site for the 2009 Summer Campaign where you will need to put your login details. After logging in, a very special 2009 Summer Campaign information pack and announcement will be there waiting for you, explaining all details, providing examples, etc of how this campaign will work.

    Again, we're going to be bringing World Servers 1-5 offline on the 31st of August at 0:00am (CDT) to begin the huge campaign. Please go to the site above and prepare to see who will be answering, the Call of the Warlord!

    Best Regards,

    Evony Team

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    maybe the registration takes time: in my case i can login 10 hrs after i activate my account.
    and for this server, world 3, try this link to connect into the game:

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    hi, i tried the above link but it still doesnt work for me, i still get the REGISTRY-STOPPING thing, i tried removing the cookies, restarting browser but still doesnt work... anyone any idea what else i can try?

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    same like me djoules.maybe we must wait for some hours

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    i know there is something to do because i managed to login on another computer 1hr ago, but i dont manage to login now on mine (as it has been the case for 24hrs).
    every body else is logged and building troops...

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    I don't think you do have to do something to your computer.. I didn't do a thing to mine - it hasn't been so much as turned off in over a week - and I just followed the link in the first post and signed in and got right in

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    sorry i meant the link. thats where i signed in from.

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    i have registered on Wn1 without any problem, what i don't manage to do is login w3 on my computer while i can at my friend's place...

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    how strange. I wish I could help, but I didn't do anything to the computer at all.. didnt fiddle with a thing or close anything or.. anything. yesterday I couldnt get in though and today it works fine. no clue why.

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    Hey guys, you need to clear browser history AND cookies for every time youre logging in.
    This works everytime for me. Hope it helps. And oh, remember to log in from
    like if it is W3 you want into.
    que pasa


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