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Thread: End game...

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    lol true, but its an attempt to get people on more then 1 server or something. Yes it lacks completely solving it in the end, and it sort of is a delay tactic, but it does try to hold people's interest longer. I mean if the games dimensions are improved, that will also help alot. But more or less, there is very little that can be done until Evony Age 2, and this was more or less something I thought could easily be done giving people more to do while waiting for the game demensions to expand.

    A man might not be able to move a mountain, yet he will accomplish nothing if he never tries.

    Well, I'm tired of these forums. Very little humor in them anymore. Adios all.

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    Pretty good suggestion there.

    I do think as Myle wrote above, is that everyone at end game are carbon copies of each other. If as you research, you slowly choose a different path that leads to other research in cost of others... you will have players with very different armies at end game, which will lead to much more interesting outcomes!!

    For example,

    - I research Iron Plating lvl 6, but then cause it, a new research comes as 'Heavy Armor Protection'.

    - I research Military Tradition lvl 6, but then cause it, a new research comes as 'Advance Melee Culture'.

    ---------- but the two research are exclusive of each other, which ever comes first, then the other doesn't. -----------------

    - If I research into Heavy Armor Protection lvl 6, then I get two choices again. Either I can go into 'Advance Heavy Unit' or 'Advance Fortifications'.. yadda yadda (can't think)

    but the idea is... as you research along.. what you pick, is what you become, you get some, you lose some, and everyone will be slightly different cause of it, and can brag a bit more about the individuality in the game.

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    not sure there is much poing to advanced fortriceing. With lvl 10 walls and 600k archers like many have behind their walls it is impossable to take. I sugjest makeing catapults cost less food to maintain so a reasonable amount can be maintained. maybe make it cost more to build to make up for it. There also needs to be somthing done to maybe make food spoil so you have to much so you cannot maintain a billion food and huge cheese armys. with a vunerable but powerful force it will add a more straticic element and keep it intresting then just repetitive NPC farming and being untouchable

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    Hell - I ahve been playing 6 weeks - since July 20, anyway. And I now have to farm NPC's like mad to sustain the army and there ought to be a way to put that on automatic pilot so I don't have to do it all the time.

    These are not attacks - they are taxation of that Barb community. I build them a city and then tax them forever.

    I really have no desire to attack other players - I know how hard it is to build and it gives me no pleasure. I don't even want to attack the bad guys that gang up on me. That is not how I resolve conflict in my life.

    I could just build a new city and never build a thing. Let the population run to zero and be a hermit with 4 city slots...

    Beg some alms from a few players and I could build a new city and move.

    Meanwhile I can chat on line... and simply watch life go by from my park bench.

    Sounds much more my speed.

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    As a new player, I've been wondering what the ultimate goal (end game) of Evony was. This thread seems to confirm what I've been suspecting... there isn't one. That is a MAJOR failing for the game. I've been waiting years for an online multi player Civ style game and Evony is pretty close. I've also read (way too many) posts about NPC farming and how to eliminate\balance that blah, blah, blah...

    I think the ENTIRE DEBATE over NPC farming is just masking a more fundamental flaw of the game. That flaw is that I can't keep expanding my kingdom by continuing to build or conquer new cities in an ever expanding circle. We wouldn't need NPC farming if we could just build a new city or add a conquered one. And this would also give us a reason to keep playing. The ULTIMATE GOAL would be to completely rule the world (server). THAT'S worth playing for. If we conquer a city we should be able to add it to our empire or raze it to the ground, whichever suits us. The destroyed players would go start a new game on the latest server, while those that remain continue to battle for supremacy.

    Alliances would then function like the "Countries" did in Medieval Europe... as a collection of individual, semi autonomous fiefdoms. Alliances would be formed to stop the expansion of a common enemy, and to enlarge your kingdom to overcome the alliances formed against you. i.e. Forming and belonging to an alliance would ACTUALLY HAVE A GOAL other than just trying to gain some protection.

    This would also encourage (demand) the player on player battles that Evony claims they want but no-one actually does because it serves no purpose. Once I've maxed my Techs, Resources and Army, defeating the big king\queen next to me doesn't do anything worthwhile. It doesn't expand my kingdom... doesn't move me closer to "winning"... doesn't provide ANYTHING I need or want. The only motivation would have to simply be the thrill of crushing a player.

    And after I've crushed and eliminated the players I'm capable of reaching, many of which would have to have been "allies" what have I accomplished? I haven't really gained anything. I haven't "Won" anything... and THAT is the fundamental problem with this game.

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    Default What if?

    What if the #1 ranked player (prestige, honor- not really crucial here) is given something special like a unique building or title and it grants a lot of bonuses to attack, production, 10X current food production, whatever...

    The end result is that every "end game" player is in a constant battle for supremacy. Perhaps I'm mistaken but can even a maxed out player with 1 million archers survive against a concerted effort of tall other "end game" level players?

    Consider this example: Ranking #1 player holds prestigious title and accompanying award. Ranking #2 covets it and he hosts one of those top rank 100 member alliances which has 4 knock off high ranked alliances. Those few hundred players lead by Ranking #2 begin a massive concerted effort to take down Ranking #1. Eventually Ranking #2 takes the spot after much combat but his alliance(s) are weakened after the long war and he's not secure after the massive expenditure of resources and now Ranking #3 is eying the top spot...

    Basically if the rewards of combat are greater at the high level or their is an ultimate goat to work for then combat will be greatly encouraged and we won't all sit on our buildings and large armies afraid to start war's and interact with one another.

    This same principal can be applied to the top alliance slot- if all 100 members get a nice bonus for being at the top then every other alliance will covet this- perhaps even their own crappy spin off alliances. No alliance would stay at the top for long if they were constantly waring with one another over the top slot. The massive server wide confrontations these sort of rewards could generate would keep all of us- including the end gamer's, engaged for supremacy.

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    I think when things get to a certain point, it will be necessary to vary the conditions of the game.

    From time to time, introduce a new type of fighting unit, a new defensive tactic, or a new direction for research.

    Another thing they could do is they could change the conditions within the game. Have a natural disaster (earthquake maybe?) that damages everybody's walls, and causes 30% public grievance among all the populations (for example), and see who's strategies cope better.

    Or they could program the NPC cities to start retaliating against players who have been raiding them for another example.

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    Default More thoughts...

    I was thinking about this some more last night. Allowing players to build as many cities as they want, adding some new tasks\capabilities (building roads between cities? upgrading farming with irrigation? etc.) and ultimately being able to conquer the entire continent would have a lot of very desirable aspects.

    First and foremost, it provides an ultimate objective for the game. That alone would help retain the high end players by simply giving them something to accomplish. Put the winners game names on a Evony "Master Player List"... a sort of hall of fame.

    Evony could then take the final 5 or 10 players (even tho 1 ultimately triumphs) and those players could move on to a new level of Evony... maybe a scenario like you now have a continent on a planet and the goal is to conquer the entire planet. The planet being made up of XXX number of continents each inhabited by a player that finished in the top 5 to 10 of Evony 1. This would add the complexity of Naval building, exploration, transport, and warfare to the existing land scenario. Wouldn't that be fun?

    It would also accomplish the goal of gettng the "master" players off the Evony 1 level servers so that new players would have a realistic chance of winning.

    It shouldn't take a whole lot of imagination to keep expanding the "next" level scenarios and rewards for the "winning" players. This would provide a goal and a steady progression path (and hence, a reason to continue playing) as well as enabling a much more enjoyable experience for new players.

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    We're all dreaming so big... but I was thinking last night- at what point of complexity do they abandon the whole "free" aspect and start charging us to play? The old adage rings true: "You get what you pay for."

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    Lightbulb Suggestion

    Hi all.

    Let's face it. All games have an end time. In this case, let it be the "world" end.
    It's innevitable, so let's not try to avoid it... rather make it more interesting and to have a winner at the end.

    How about this scenario.
    When endtimes arrive (You set the deadline) how about some of the high lvl NPCs rise up and get upgraded to "The SIBERIANS" or something (Whatever).
    So, these special cities, can be conquered, and give to the owner some advanced troops and skills.

    following up, there should be special quests to the owner (Or the owners whole alliance) to complete and get something back (Say medals) or special skill or something (Improvise).

    Then the whole alliance can help protect the city, provide resources to build it further up to the lvl appropriate (Set a lvl cap or something).

    So, it's a race. The alliance (Player) who completes all the quests, builds up to the highest lvl FIRST... wins the server.
    While all the rest big alliances will try to build theirs, they will also try to fight you to delay you.


    comments welcome


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