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Thread: End game...

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    nice idea I see so many get to the end and get bored so they leave. This would put a new twist on things.

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    my idea is pretty dumb but here it goes
    Might take a while to patch up

    But i think that like lets say you attack with 100K archers i think the defender or the attacker if they both agree can engage in a battlefield server and command their troops.
    That would be way more better

    But i know everyone is going to say its going to lag like **** but then solution
    Just make battleserver's and everytime you enter a battle it just takes you to the battle server so it doesnt cause the main server lag ,
    I dont know might just work or it might just fail.

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    Oh, holy moly. I thought English was the language of these forums. I digress.

    Ok, Op (and to whomever stickied this thread), Evony is not designed to have an end-game.

    Q: What is the end-game in war?
    A: More war.

    War begets war; it merely migrates to a new region.

    In order for an end-game to exist, the Evony Team would have to establish some form of totalitarian domination - which I really don't see God Himself wanting to program. This domination and control would be like:

    All players in a state (or server world) paying tribute to a single alliance. This tribute would consist of a cut of all resource production including gold.

    In short order, the entire state/world would become void of players not in THE alliance. Who would willingly play under such conditions?

    There is no end-game except to spread war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrophy View Post
    The ideas outlined are pretty good, but they don't actually do anything to alleviate the problems at the end game. They give us new games, at which point we reach the end and, once again, have nothing to do. I don't see it as a solution to the end game... just a delay.
    wuts so bad about a delay? if you had a heart attack you wouldn't say "don't take me to the hospital, it won't stop me from dying, only delay it" would you?

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    This Nation thing is one of the better ideas yet.

    If you can produce some special troops at the 'Palace' and have these Trebs that can chuck stones a few miles out.. that will be a good counter against these Uber players.

    So some players is Turtling with 3,000,000 archers right?

    well, if he's inside the perimeter of a nation, build some trebs and bomb him to force him out!

    I see this Nation thing. (if done right), can open a Whole new dimension of game play.

    with these rise and fall of nations being Big events that will be talked about for months on the forum.

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    Please look up the initial post in my thread on other professions in the feasting hall and comment. I think that this would add alot to the later stages.

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    I think there should ages.One age continues about six months or a year , something like that.  2492

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    Smile Alliance offence for Alliance defense

    I really like the country idea. There have also been a lot of good suggestions to help improve all aspects of the game that I would love to see implemented. After reading this, I just had to put in my 2 cents worth.
    It has been increasingly harder to attack anyone these days. Regardless of how a single person farms and trains a large army. There is also the alliance factor. If I am being attacked, my village can potentially be reinforced 10 times with 100k soldiers each on top of my current troops. I haven't tried it, but it might be possible to reinforce more per person if their using a war ensign.
    That is 1Mil - 1.25Mil troops that could help reinforce (defend) from your alliance. For the attacker, a person is only able to send at most 125k troops per wave. This is extremely hard to take down. I would like to see something like an alliance attack mode. Where possibly the host or vice host sends out an attack order to the alliance members (limited attacks to only a member of an alliance, to help those noobs). From here 10 people can accept to contribute troops (100k - 125k each) and resources for an attack. And hopefully giving an actual competitive attempt to take someone down.

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    I do think there should be specializations in the game....but not necessarily everyone with 10 cities.....

    How about one of 5 specializations.....each would have greater advantages.....but others could counter that.

    Offense -
    Defense -
    Support - I hate NPC farming why can't we find a better way to feed still need food to create and launch attacks

    How about the ability to launch EXTRA large armies.....but only like 1 time a week

    There are tons of ideas for specialties

    I still wish you could queue construction (u can troops) or if there was a way to queue attacks for like npc farming..... what about a repeat attack button!

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    Default Prestige mode

    Right, my idea is not a a long term solution but I believe a very good one for the shorter-term. I was thinking along the lines of a 'Prestige or challenge mode'. Featured in many console games.

    What would happen is when you reach 'end game', * you gain the option to 'prestige / upgrade'. This would involve:
    1. Losing all your cities and valleys,
    2. A brand new city is spawned in the location of your choice (with standard 5k of resources),
    3. Your army gone,
    4. Title and rank reset,
    5. Prestige and honor reset,
    6. All of your items and cents stay (excluding medals!),
    7. Refund of all scripts you have PERSONALLY used,
    8. You stay with your alliance,
    9. All your quests reset,
    10. And youíre back in beginner's protection.

    But you are now at "Prestige level 1". at this level everything is 25% harder. Valleys have 25% more troops, resource fields give 25% less, buildings and army cost 25% more, etc. But PvP stays the same i.e. troops arenít weaker.
    Your prestige is like a special achievement that you can show off - A special symbol next to your name in chat, better looking city on the map (please suggest any more possible goodies).

    But it doesnít stop there... Once you reach end game again; you can prestige again. Making everything 50% harder than standard. And of course a better symbol in chat and more goodies!
    Then again; 75% harder than usual etc. Possibly up to level 10 - a whopping 250% harder!

    I have a separate post for this topic, please post ideas there.

    +Rep me if I helped...

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