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Thread: End game...

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    The only cure for this non end game end game dilema is to remove the 10 city limit and let people fight it out to control an entire server.
    AS it is now there is no incentive or reward for the big guys to fight each other.
    If you already have 10 cities theres no sense in attacking someone of equal or higher prestige who also has 10 cities, because you wont gain anything by doing that.
    At present all there is to do once you have gained 10 cities is to attack lower level people and try to make them quit playing by constantly plundering them.
    Drop the 10 city limit and let the fun begin.

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    How about 1 million prestige and auto expelled from alliance. All big players solo and then get teleported randomly into a ajoining server? For one month they cannot join an alliance. Shake us up a bit!

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    Default The pay to play problem...

    Before Evony can start charging people to play, they have to provide a REASON for people to be WILLING to pay. To me, that means there needs to be the sort of WINNING and PROGRESSING aspect that I've been describing. Evony will not be able to keep attracting new players for long if the game gets a reputation for being "boring" or "useless"... i.e. there's no purpose to it.

    Once they solve that little issue, all the other succesful pay to play games prove that plenty of people ARE willing to pay, IF the game is WORTH PAYING FOR. Personaly, I think the Runescape model my son played works best... both a Pay and a Free version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exevior View Post
    Hi all.
    So, it's a race. The alliance (Player) who completes all the quests, builds up to the highest lvl FIRST... wins the server.
    While all the rest big alliances will try to build theirs, they will also try to fight you to delay you.

    While that has some merit, it wouldn't be "my" preferred choice. Mainly because it gives the guys that have the most time to spend playing a HUGE (and unfair) advantage. It also tends to narrow the tactical strategy aspect down quite a bit... in the sense that the whole goal is speed, rather than conquest. That's just my opinion of course. Evony COULD have different servers with different game objectives and users could choose which one they wanted to play. Speed, Conquest, etc. That would be cool.

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    Default @Huples...

    Quote Originally Posted by Huples View Post
    How about 1 million prestige and auto expelled from alliance. All big players solo and then get teleported randomly into a ajoining server? For one month they cannot join an alliance. Shake us up a bit!
    That's a good idea that Evony could implement almost immediately without much effort at all. Of course they'd have to make sure people couldn't artificially manipulate (lower, or keep low) their prestige.

    On the other hand, while it would help out the smaller players, I'm not sure what incentive it gives the guys that break the 1 million prestige mark to keep playing... What would be the point\goal for them?

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    you adv your heroes they are limitless that is how the upper hand is gained after all techs are researched takes time to build troops also migrating your alliance keeps things intersting

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    They should remove the 10 city cap BUT people are only allowed to BUILD max 10 cities. Once they have 10 cities they are not allowed anymore but to conquer them. So until you like conquer everyones city you win the server and move on to the next one. Is this a good idea?
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    Default @ LordSohan

    It's not a bad idea... but I think maybe your trying to avoid a scenario that wouldn't really come up anyway.

    i.e. That being the scenario where someone just keeps building cities and never bothers to do battle with others. The reason that I think that scenario wouldn't occur is because it would be just a matter of time (a rather short time I think) before his collection of cities would run into other players cities and he would have to do battle. Also, I think it would be a short period of time before someone else starts attacking the build only player.

    There WOULD need to be a certain minimum amount of resource squares around a city that the system would demand. In other words, you wouldn't be able to build cities right next to each other as you now can. In fact, just like in Civ, the city borders should expand (surrounding resource squares get included within the city borders) as the Town Hall level goes up. And if you built two cities too close, they wouldn't be able to expand as much as the could where their borders meet, which should cause a corresponding reduction in the # of farms, sawmills, etc. that could be built.

    In summary, I don't see any good reason to limit the number of cities a player could build.

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    Default More progression thoughts...

    I mentioned an idea somewhere above about the top xx "winners" on a server would then qualify to move up to the next game level (such as one that involved naval aspects in the scenario I used).

    Another good progression would be to advance in Historical Time and Technology as you moved up the game levels. Level 2 could introduce Naval aspects. Level 3 could introduce gunpowder (and all its implications). Level 4 could introduce aircraft... And so forth and so on.

    All comments welcome.

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    Default later gamer..

    i have been playing Evony for about 4-5 months, and i have been heard that Evony, has no End game, or Objective, for the later gamer, also, there is no end game

    so, i have come up with a little list for you to thing about

    first, Idea

    Final Tower, cost, 100 Billion Food, wood, Iron, Stone, Gold, (and 100K worker) and it's cords are posted hourly, on world chat,

    why 100 billion you ask, makes the clan work together to-gather all the resources

    World chat thing.. with the cords.. if it is taken it's Auto NPC, there is no Troops Bonus for the location (apart from numbers),

    Feeding Troops has to be done, like you feeding reinforced valley , (food intake x2)

    also build time, 336 hours (2 weeks)

    after the Building has been done, the server rest's and it Start's again,

    coins left can be moved from server to server, in-case some people play on more than one server, (and so can items)

    it's just a start Idea.. i can work out the kinks later
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