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Thread: End game...

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    It's buried about 3 pages back, but there's another endgame thread found here. If anything, merging it'd be great.

    If not, I'll just repeat the ideas I had here

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    Good idea Atrophy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seaf View Post
    i have been playing Evony for about 4-5 months, and i have been heard that Evony, has no End game, or Objective, for the later gamer, also, there is no end game

    so, i have come up with a little list for you to thing about

    first, Idea

    Final Tower, cost, 100 Billion Food, wood, Iron, Stone, Gold, (and 100K worker) and it's cords are posted hourly, on world chat,

    why 100 billion you ask, makes the clan work together to-gather all the resources

    World chat thing.. with the cords.. if it is taken it's Auto NPC, there is no Troops Bonus for the location (apart from numbers),

    Feeding Troops has to be done, like you feeding reinforced valley , (food intake x2)

    also build time, 336 hours (2 weeks)

    after the Building has been done, the server rest's and it Start's again,

    coins left can be moved from server to server, in-case some people play on more than one server, (and so can items)

    it's just a start Idea.. i can work out the kinks later
    just adding a little bit more to it, if there is a end game.. giving a aim for the round, and one that requires, a lost of Team work. i think it is will worth it, what ever the staff here post will work, but a large building is the simplest way to go about it,

    just thing the amount of time and effort it will take to get that much resources,

    i feel the game dose need something to make it complete,

    adding to it, winning clan get 100 cent per player, to spend in the beginning of the next round, 100 hundred for top Prestige, and 100 for top honor,

    also a package, for all returning player, to keep them interested, (players that have been on more than 2 weeks to stop foke jumping in to get a head start package,)
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    Okay? For a Not-So-Free free game...I don't see the problem with not ever having an end game, period...

    I've never liked having a MAXIMUM to your level. Since this game is free...I's free right? Is it? Tell me, because this game seems more like:

    "Risk waiting a week offline after you've burned all your bridges and wasted your resources OR pay out the ass, MORE SO than you would for a standard MMORPG."

    Instead of having maximum lvl.10, have no max and expand the server capacity to fit more glorious least for Age 2. I guess that would assure MORE bogus packages like...

    "Spend $500 and get:

    1 Primary Guideline
    55 Dildos
    1 Amulet
    10 Adv. Dildos
    6 Master Guidelines
    27 Gimp Masks
    1 Ritual of Pact
    2 "Action Figures!"
    10 Beginner's Guidelines
    3 Dildo Boxes
    3 Wisdom Medals
    1 Junior Medal Box
    1 Chance to get more Tampax
    2 Medium Medal Box
    9,999 Nicotine Free Cigarette Boxes and Diet Mountain Dew Coupons"

    Look at it this way...

    If there is no limit...then there will always be someone better than you...until you get better than him...whatever the hell better means.

    This, not only, could encompass the idea of the first post, as such...but then that long story of a post with a beginning, middle and end that had to be labeled just so you would know there was a bottom and you weren't caught tumbling down the rabbit post.
    :-P Jk, apt point, ABakker.
    I'd rather there be no ending than something as boring as what Atrophy indicates.

    Edit 2: And by "What Atrophy indicates" I mean the farming thing that just about everybody else has as well...
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    I love the package deal. lol

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    Keep to the subject please and don't derail the topic. I am keeping an eye on the thread and the suggestions being placed here. Further instigation to try and derail this thread will result in a suspension.

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    Stickying this thread.

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    Ah... telling us quite a bit here Thal. I can read between the lines.

    Anyways, giving the game a bit more depth mainly in the form of alliance play could help alot. I already gave my suggestions to try to reinvigorate users to keep playing after a certain point by encouraging them to go to other servers and try.

    I would suggest making it so that cents go by account rather then individual servers, but yet I can see the issues that would arise with this (people making accounts on every server to try to win cents off the wheel then transfer them to their main account). But if you could encourage people to join other servers at some point using some method would help for now. I mean that is a quick and easy thing to try to implement (like I said before specialized servers and perhaps another game concept along with somehow rewarding people that reach the end (a thing to shoot for)) and although somewhat a stall technique, it would give more time for production of Age 2 and such.

    A man might not be able to move a mountain, yet he will accomplish nothing if he never tries.

    Well, I'm tired of these forums. Very little humor in them anymore. Adios all.

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    The idea of a super-nation, a massive tower to be build, has been seen before in Travian. That's what ended my play on there.

    I wonder what Evony as a company has (had) in mind for endgame. Could any of their reps shine some light on that?

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    Wow, my first serious post and it made to the sticky board. I am sooo excited.

    My contribution for end game.

    How about, bring it to the next level.

    Let an Alliance form a Country

    • Ritual of Pact Used. (max 100 members)
    • 20 million prestige total
    • NO hostile camp lasting with region for 240 hours for 24 hours. (North Face, for example, if someone enters and is hostile, the alliance has 24 hours to take him down, before count down goes back to 240 hours.)
    • Honor of 5 million. (finally giving Honor a use!!!! discourage scout bombs etc)

    What does forming a country does?

    • Forming a country will make the WHOLE region owned by the Alliance.
    • The Alliance can TAX non-alliance clans in there, and NPCs there.
    • When a country is form, after 500 hours, The Alliance Officer member will have access to a new tab. (explained below)

    Aside from TOWN / CITY / MAP there will now be a COUNTRY tab.

    From that interface, The alliance officers can construct country level buildings:
    • Palace - requires Host's approval
      1. Looks like a City on the Map, but this is the Country's core, defeat it, and the country dissembles.
      2. Palace is very powerful, can construct a WHOLE LIST of new troops/
      3. But Palace produced troops can only be used in defense. (to prevent people using it to harass new players outside of the country.)
    • Defensive Perimeter - requires Host's approval
      1. Sets up a Perimeter, where by any force cannot enter without detection.
      2. Therefore you will always know a hostile player entered and begins to build within.
      3. Reports hostiles in the country every 4 hours, so hostile camps must continue to move to avoid detection.
      4. Now you get a lot of those 'FIND THEM AND KILL THEM' fights when you know there's a troop of 50k archers hidding around a Hill.
    • Mega Trebuchet - Officer approval, can place 10 of these with a radius of 50 miles
      1. Defense structure, hits anything within the 50 miles radius, usable once every 12 hours.
      2. Each hit does random damage, but can kill 30k- 50k troops if it lands right, even damage buildings.

    Now why all this??

    • So Alliance can be promoted further.
    • And Alliance will begin to have a GOAL to clean up their ZONE.
    • Between Countries, you can have a whole new level of WAR.
    • This level will provide the game another layer for MONTHS/YEARS to fight on.

    How does that sound? Natural evolution of the game I think. Then you have Big dominant countries warring with each other! Ooooo, Mega Carnage!
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