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Thread: Barb city lvl 1-10 resources/units/defenses table

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    how do u take the traps into account?

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    Cheers M8t great chart i find it very useful ... Keep up the good work

    ''He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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    very helpful.....................

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    I dont see any NPC level that has 950K all. (in response to gazza)

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    good guide, accurate table with the updated bit at bottom, which shows how fast it regenerates. good for beginners to npcs

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokey View Post
    I don't know why I see this everywhere but I do.

    Lose - To part with something unintentionally.

    Loose - To reduce restriction.

    All conjugation remains the same as well.

    That aside it is indeed possible to attack a lvl 5 barbarian city (or any level really) and do so with as few as 0 losses. You just haven't figured it out yet.
    Are you trying to say he meant to reduce the restriction of his troops?
    How about this definition for lose:
    to suffer the deprivation of

    That's probably why you run into it a lot; check more definitions, or just become familiar with the word's common usage ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Napa View Post
    pokey dont tell me anything okay buddy.. there is nothing to figure out, i tried every way, there is no way to take no LOSSES.. u are a foo show me some battle reports..

    Barb city has a lot of defence, especially level 5 no matter what combination of units u send, the best one is archer+ meat shield, the ammount of archers send does NOT lower the losses, i tried every combination..

    U WILL lose 1-2 k archers and 40% of ur meat shield on a raid on barb level 5 or higher.
    You try mixing in siege weapons to your equation? All I see you talking about are units for killing units, but that'll leave the traps and such up to kill your men.

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    lvl 5 npc gives 450k gold and 3mill food 180k lumber,stone and iron

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    i have taken a lvl 10 npc city, you have to have enough troops, and helps alot if you have an alliance to help you out. but its quite easy and can be managed all within a minute if you time your attacks right. search for lvl 10 npc conquer you will find alot about it. good luck.

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