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Thread: Barb city lvl 1-10 resources/units/defenses table

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    I don't need the resources in lvl 5 city i just need that 950k Gold
    in that gold you can buy lots of resources in a short time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPepper View Post
    ... to 6000 troops a piece... but basically the same effect!
    I do 3k warriors, 30 transports and haul away 55k gold, there are 3 cities near me, I hit them once per hour, so that's 165k gold/hr. Of course ..if I could find a lvl 5 close by...*sigh*

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    well I attacked that lvl 8 town near me and was able to drop the loyalty to 10 before my last army was hewn against the gates and cast out. here is the first army I attacked with. I guess I only needed 1 swordsmen and more warriors, which I used for the rest of the raids

    Lost 35k archers and 70k warriors, plus those seen in that battle. All in all it went well, I sold the resources my troops carried back and made 6.3M gold off of it, which paid for enough archers and warriors to hopefully conquer successfully the next attempt. I'll keep you guys posted.

    oh and a side note, the 3 main heros I used got epic exp; I used two of my main commanders and my mayor (as it is now called). Ended with them going from about lvl 20 - 38 with 115 attack, 110 attack and 124 politics respectively.

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    What is the ideal troops to bring to a level 3 or 4?

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    i attack lvl5 npcs on the regular that is to my opion the best one to attack with much gain and not very many losses ,btw has any every had a ballaist killed?

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    Dude what about a lvl 0 barbarian city i have one next to me right now!

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    so i've been using the 3k warriors + 30 transporters method against level 1 cities however the gold in the level 5 cities is making me drool...

    what's the best army to send against one of those with minimal losses? i am building up ballista now so seige weapons are an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanquish View Post
    i attack lvl5 npcs on the regular that is to my opion the best one to attack with much gain and not very many losses ,btw has any every had a ballaist killed?
    What kind and how many troops are you sending with what losses? You don't have a capture by chance do you, to educate us who are afraid to attack anything over a level 1 barbarian town heh...

    I send a wave of 9000 warriors to a level 1 and lose about 600 and they haul back 100% of whats there... just curious to see how other people are attacking them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Bickels View Post
    I'm going after that lvl 8 npc city tonight. One question though, if someone could answer from experience it would be great (*hopes darwin has a look*):

    He states every 6 minutes the loyalty increases by +2. Now at the end of conquering a city, the last loyalty is dropped by getting the public greavence to 100, which I assume drops loyalty by 1 every 6 minutes (same as tax rate). Now if the city is restoring 2/6mins and loosing 1/6mins, thats still +1 by my books. So how do you drop the last 10 loyalty off the city to conquer it?
    Taking a barb city works differently from taking a player city. The loyalty of the barb city never goes down due to public grievance however simply constantly winning versus them will continue to lower their loyalty by at least 1% per win so just keep at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifesaverM View Post
    Yes I agree thank-you much, this will be an excellent resource. Too bad someone couldn't compile one now for nonNPC town, like flats/resource tiles.
    It was my original intent to include tables for those as well however I quickly abandoned that pursuit when I realized valleys' units are inconsistent. One lvl 1 flat may not spawn with the same units as another lvl 1 flat etc. Sometimes I've even seen where the same valley once it respawns can have different units from one hour to the next. (Albeit generally only minor differences)

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