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Thread: Abandoning City

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    Arrow Abandoning City

    If you transport all your resources out of a city and abandon it, do you lose the everything being transported as well? The reason I ask is because I'm looking at ditching a failing city and building a new one. I can't just build a new one because my title isn't high enough to build another.

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    ^^No you don't.

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    Can you actually ditch it or does someone have to conquer it?

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    ^^You can ditch it.

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    yes u can abandon it
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    I know you can ditch it, but what happens to the troops and resources being sent out? Do you lose them too because they came from the city or what?

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    ^No you don't. No you don't..infinity...

    I recall telling you that in very first post.

    P.S: Make sure troops are reinforcement and not transport.Whitewater's not sticking around will disappear.

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    And how do you abandon a city? I know how to abandon flats...but I don't have the abandon option when I click on my cities

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    Go to "cities" option in Overview and just click abandon.

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    click on your town hall in any city, then click the cities tab. it will give you a list of cities you own, and an abandon option.


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