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Thread: Evony: Age I Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Default Evony: Age I Frequently Asked Questions.

    This FAQ has been put together to provide the basic information you will need to know when starting out as an Evony gamer. Here you will find information about things like alliances, heroes, barbarian cities and much more!

    If you are looking for more advanced and detailed guidance about a certain topic, you should look through the guides section of the forum.
    You can find a list of pre-approved guides indexed here.

    Important FAQ information.

    - The information in this thread is aimed at Age I only. This information may not be accurate for Age II.
    - If you see an error, please contact the current thread editor to have it rectified.
    - If you wish to post a question, please make it as detailed and clear as possible, and use proper grammar. If it is not included in the FAQ, it may then be added for future reference.
    - There will be various links throughout the thread. All links will be displayed in red with a black line below so that they can be spotted easily.

    List of contributors:
    JPA32: Creating and maintaining a thread that has proven to be one of the most useful assets to the H&Q community, and the forum as a whole.
    L4dyh4wk: Contributing some of the graphics used in the thread.
    Ravenwings: Contributing some of the graphics used in the thread.
    Rota: Helping to collect information, and answer some general questions.
    acer5200: Helping to collect information, and answer some general questions.
    Boleslav: Providing information and helping to answer some alliance related questions.
    Help & Questions community: Wasting countless hours of their lives answering the same questions many times a week.
    Guides section community: Testing game features so that the rest of us can continue to be lazy.

    - An Age II add-on to the FAQ is currently being developed, with the help of some aides. It will be published hopefully within a few days.
    - I am still waiting for some of the information to come in to be published, so some parts may be lacking in the coming days.
    This is the last section of this introductory post, the updates section. Where I shall place any relevant changes of it's whole.

    Now finally, without further ado, I present the Help & Questions FAQ.


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    When will my server be merging?

    All servers are monitored to ensure they meet certain criteria. If conditions on a server deteriorate too much, the decision may be made to eventually merge it with others. There must also be at least one server that meets the same conditions for that server to merge with, so even if yours meets the criteria, others may not. However there is no actual schedule for a merge, so no staff/moderators will be able to give answers regarding the condition of a server, or give information about coming merges.

    How do same household accounts avoid being flagged as a multi-accounting and getting banned?

    You need to contact customer service and inform them that there will be someone playing from the same computer as you; there is a limit of three accounts on the same connection, which must belong to different people.
    There are certain restrictions with this situation such as no resource or military support etc.
    If you are not concerned about this person playing on the same server, you could use an alternative option which would be to have this person play on a different server. This will not be seen as multi-accounting and so will not be flagged and is not against the rules.

    How do I delete my Evony account?

    There is no actual way to delete a registered account/email address. But you have the option to restart your account; you will find this option by clicking on your in-game avatar. All you have to do is input your password and do not create a new account on the server when prompted.

    Can I change the email address registered to my Evony account?

    No. For account security reasons this is not possible, so you must continue using your current email address. But you can set up a secondary email address to receive emails from Evony. You can change this by using the "My account" option on the Evony home page, and selecting the option to add a secondary email address. However you must still continue to log in using your current login email.

    Can I transfer my account/cities/items to a different server?

    At this time no. These things have been suggested many times, but in the end it is too open for exploitation and so is unlikely to be developed or implemented. But if this ever changes, the community will be informed.

    When will the inactive accounts on my server be cleared?

    All servers are cleared of inactives regularly during some maintenance periods, alongside other maintenance tasks.
    Each account must be flagged as inactive according to the current criteria. Most low prestige accounts will be removed faster, whereas higher prestige accounts can take longer. Or in the case of paying players, will never be cleared. Here is how accounts will be flagged as inactive:

    - Accounts with less than 100 prestige will be flagged inactive after 3 days with no login.
    - Accounts with between 100 and 1000 prestige will be flagged inactive after 7 days with no login.
    - Accounts with more than 1000 prestige are subject to being flagged inactive after 60 days with no login. We are not currently marking these accounts inactive, but we may do so in the future without further notice.
    - In addition, accounts which have only one city, and that city has high grievance with 0 loyalty will be flagged as inactive after 5 days with no login.

    When does server maintenance occur?

    Maintenance usually takes place at 02:00-04:00 (2-4AM) server time. This time zone is CST, or GMT -6. All NPCs on the server will have full resources after maintenance has ended.
    Maintenance usually lasts for around 15 minutes, but can sometimes go on for a while longer; it is best to check the forum, or home page for updates about exceedingly long maintenances, as there may be some technical issues.

    How do I get cents if I do not want to use my credit card?

    An alternative method of payment is to use an Ultimate Game Card. They can be purchased from stores local to you; a list of the closest can be found here.
    You may also wait and spin the Wheel of Fortune every day, which is where you may win anything from 10 to 1000 game cents.

    How do I tell when my beginner's protection expires?

    There is no actual timer to tell you. The only way it is possible to know is to keep the 3 system mails you get when you started the account. You will be able to reference their date to check when it expires. You have 7 server maintenances from the time you start your account before your beginners protection will expire.

    How do I know which state I am located in?

    You were given the option to choose your state when you registered on the server, but if you cannot remember, you can go to the map view and click the tile your city is on. The state will be listed there, among other information.

    What do all of the different colours in the chat box mean?

    Black text is world chat, and beginners chat. World chat is the one you will be viewing by default every time you log on. It costs 1 speaker item to write a message in the world chat.
    Blue text is your alliance chat. Only members in your alliances will be able to see these messages, and they are hidden from everyone else on the server. Speaking in alliance chat is always free, and will not cost any speakers.
    Pink text is private messages between you and another player. Only the two of you can see these messages. Private messages are always free also.
    Red text is system messages. This includes announcements of peoples winnings on the Wheel of Fortune, and coming server maintenance announcements. It also includes war declarations between alliances.
    Peach text will be notifications of a diplomatic change that involves going friendly or neutral. Only players in the two alliances whose diplomatic relationship changed will see this.

    I am the host, but I am not able to send group messages?

    You likely do not have any speakers. Each group message will cost some speakers to send. You can get more from the Wheel of Fortune; win them in battles, or by buying them from the in-game shop.

    What is vacation mode?

    Going on Vacation Mode (also Holiday mode) costs 10 cents a day, minimum of 2 days (20 cents). You can enable this by clicking on your avatar and set it to Holiday mode. Make sure you have no armies marching; recall all of them. Enabling Vacation/Holiday mode pauses all troop/resources production as well as building/research times. Your army will not be consuming any food throughout the time you're on holiday. Your city will not be attacked but your valleys can be taken by anyone.

    What is the CL?

    CL means Co-ordinates List. You can add other users' cities to your list and then find them instantly when you need to, unless they teleport the city somewhere else. You can only add player cities, not NPCs or valleys.
    To access the list, go to the map screen and at the top right corner will be a small bar with your city name that you can input/search co-ordinates in. Clicking your city name will open a drop-down menu with all of the cities you have added listed on it. Clicking any will cause the map to jump there instantly.

    Further reading:

    Terms & Conditions: Link!
    In-game rules: Link!
    In game support/customer service: Link!
    Forum rules: Link!
    Game interface guide for beginners: Link!


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    Why do other alliances have more members, than my alliances member limit?

    The maximum number of members each alliance can hold is 100. The alliance member limit does not start at 100 though, it will be determined by your hosts embassy level e.g. level 4 embassy = 40 member limit, level 9 embassy = 90 member limit. The member limit can be instantly increased to 100 by applying the Ritual of Pact item.

    Which ranks exist within alliances, and what are their permissions?

    Host: Appoint new host, invite players, manage pending applications, set permissions/alliance roles, change alliance introduction/notice, and set diplomacy.

    Vice-Host: Invite players, manage pending applications, set permissions/alliance roles (up to Presbyter), change alliance introduction/notice, set diplomacy, resign position, and quit the alliance.

    Presbyter: Invite players, manage pending applications, set permissions/alliance roles (up to Officer), resign position, and quit the alliance.

    Officer: Invite players, manage pending applications, resign position, and quit the alliance.

    Member: Quit the alliance.

    How do I set a diplomatic status with another alliance?

    You can set diplomacy by searching the alliances name in statistics and setting it to friendly, neutral, or hostile. Only the Host or Vice-Hosts have the ability to set diplomacy with another alliance.
    When this happens, both alliances' members will get a message in chat to inform them of the diplomatic status change.

    When setting an alliance to friendly, ensure that they set you to friendly also. You will be able to tell if they have as you will get a message in the chat box to inform you. Once both alliances have set each other to friendly, they will be shown as blue to your alliance members on the world map, and vice-versa. You cannot attack alliances set as friendly. If an alliance marked as friendly attacks yours, then they have you set as neutral and you should either annul or ensure they set you as friendly immediately.

    Setting an alliance to neutral usually happens when the friendly/hostile relationship is annulled. These alliances will be able to be attacked, but will not usually be a priority target for attacks.

    Setting an alliance to hostile is done when either you or they agree to fight against each other. When your alliance goes to war you will get a system message in your inbox telling you so.

    How can I replace my host if he is inactive or banned?

    There is no way to do it as the only person that can appoint a new Host is the Host. If this happens, either the Vice-hosts or Presbyters should kick everyone from the alliance and then form a new one under a new name, ensuring that everyone knows to apply before kicking them.

    How do I build a successful alliance?

    If you are new, it may be a better idea to join an alliance with experienced leaders. You should learn about the game from them, and get a feel for how an alliance should be run.
    When the time comes to make your own alliance, you will need a few friends to join you; otherwise you will be seen as a one man alliance with no future. It is also important to assert your alliance's military position to gain respect on the battlefield, and get the attention of other players in a good way. You will soon build a reputation as experienced players and a stable alliance, and people will join you gradually.
    You will also want to ensure you maintain a high quality of members that know what they are doing, and are not a liability, as well as assign roles such as diplomat, and attack co-ordinators.

    What can I do to stop a big alliance from attacking mine?

    The most effective way to prevent a war with a big alliance is to maintain social interactions with their most active/biggest/influential players, and leaders. Making them like you will mean they are less likely to attack you without reason.
    However some alliances employ a "join or die" mentality, for which there is no reasoning. Here the best option is to ally yourself with a big alliance, move to a different state, or build your armies and cities as quickly as possible to be ready to fight and hope that superior leadership will grant you victory.

    How do I talk in alliance chat?

    On the left side of the chat box, there are 6 icons/buttons. You can see what each is used for by navigating your cursor over them. Alliance chat is the third one from the bottom. To talk in this chat, you just have to click on it, and all of your messages will be submitted there until you select a different chat.

    How can I get people to talk in alliance chat?

    The easiest way to do it is for you to talk in the alliance chat, and encourage your more active, friendly, and likeable players to do the same. People will start to talk and get to know each other more. An active alliance chat is important as it encourages alliance members to be more active, and have more fun; making them more loyal.

    What are all of the different flag colours on the world map?

    Your cities: Gold.
    Alliance members: Green.
    Friendly alliances: Blue.
    No alliance/neutral alliance: Grey.
    Hostile alliance: Red.
    Barbarian city/NPC: Black.

    Why did I lose prestige after quitting my alliance?

    To discourage constantly hopping between alliances, a 10% prestige penalty was introduced to people who quit their alliance. The only alternative to prevent this is to have one of your alliance members with the required permissions to kick you from the alliance, which will not cost any prestige.


    Further reading:

    Ispy: How to catch spies: Link!
    Evony diplomacy guide: Link!


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    Why is the 5 minute free speed-up not working?

    The build time is calculated from the base time of the construction. That means that it must be 5 minutes before you count the effect your Mayor and construction technology have. Below is a complete list of which buildings can have the speed-up applied to them:

    Farm - Up to level 4.
    Lumber mill - Up to level 3.
    Stone quarry - Up to level 3.
    Iron mine - Up to level 2.
    Cottage - Up to level 3.
    Feasting hall - Level 1.
    Inn - Level 1.
    Rally point - Up to level 2.
    Barracks - Level 1.
    Forge - Level 1.
    Stable - Level 1.

    How do I demolish buildings?

    You click on the building you want to demolish, and on the left of the window that pops up will be an image of the building with a red symbol in it. Clicking the red symbol will open a demolition menu. You have two options; instantly demolish which will require 1 dynamite item, and turn the building into a clearing instantly, or level by level demolition which is slower but you can get some resources back by doing it.

    Is it worth building a warehouse in my cities?

    To start with, yes. A warehouse will be important for researching the stockpile technology which will increase the maximum capacity limit for your resource production. After that there is little need to use one, and it should either be demolished, or limited to one per city. The only real use of warehouses further into the game is retaining enough food to use the comforting options when you are being attacked, but you can do this just as easily without one.

    What buildings can I demolish once I have finished upgrading my technologies?

    Once you have finished upgrading the technology, you no longer need the building that was required to do the research. So the forge, workshop, stable, and warehouse are no longer needed once their respective techs are completed and can then be demolished.

    What is idle population for?

    Idle population is important as it is what you use to recruit your troops. Each troop will cost a certain amount of your idle population which will be equal to their population value e.g. Workers will cost 1 idle population each, archers will cost 2 idle population each. Once you have started training troops your idle population will be diminished, but it will recover at the rate of 10% every 6 minutes.

    How do I build more cities?

    You will need 250 workers, and 10,000 of each resource, including gold at the city you currently own. You will have to control a flat, and also have the required title to control another city. You just view the flat from the map view and select the build city option. The construction process will appear to you as troops marching, with a progress bar. Once the bar is full and the timer reaches zero, the city will instantly appear, and an additional tile will appear on the right hand side of the game interface.

    How many cities does each title allow you to have?

    When attempting to get more cities, you always upgrade your title; you only need to upgrade your rank when the title promotion requires it. These are the titles/ranks required to control more cities.


    Civilian: The Starting Rank, nothing is required to get it.

    Lieutenant: This is the Second Rank, Required for the Title Knight.
    Quest requirements: Town Hall level 2, 10000 gold.

    Captain: This is the Third Rank, Required for the Title Baronet.
    Quest requirements: Town Hall level 4, 20000 gold, 5 Cross medals.

    Major: This is the Fourth Rank, Required for the Title Baron.
    Quest requirements: Town Hall level 6, 30000 gold, 5 Rose medals.

    Colonel: This is the Fifth Rank, Required for the Title Viscount.
    Quest requirements: Town Hall level 8, 40000 gold, 5 Lion medals.

    General: This is the last rank, Required for the titles Earl, Marquis, Duke, Furstin and Prinzessin.
    Quest requirements: Town Hall level 10, 50000 gold, 5 Honor medals.


    Civilian: This is the starting Title, You are allowed 1 city.

    Knight: This is the Second Title, You are allowed 2 cities.
    Quest requirements: Rank Lieutenant, 1000 Prestige, 20000 gold, 10 Cross medals and 5 Rose medals.

    Baronet: This is the Third Title, You are allowed 3 cities.
    Quest requirements: Rank Captain, 2000 Prestige, 40000 gold, 10 Rose medals and 5 Lion medals.

    Baron: This is the Fourth Title, You are allowed 4 cities
    Quest requirements: Rank Major, 4000 Prestige, 60000 gold, 10 Lion medals and 5 Honor medals.

    Viscount: This is the Fifth Title, You are allowed 5 cities
    Quest requirements: Rank Colonel, 8000 Prestige, 80000 gold, 10 Honor medals and 5 Courage medals.

    Earl: This is the Sixth Title, You are allowed 6 cities
    Quest requirements: Rank General, 16000 Prestige, 100000 gold, 10 Courage medals and 5 Wisdom medals.

    Marquis: This is the Seventh Title, You are allowed 7 cities
    Quest requirements: Rank General, 32000 Prestige, 200000 gold, 10 Wisdom medals and 5 Freedom medals.

    Duke: This is the Eighth Title, You are allowed 8 cities
    Quest requirements: Rank General, 64000 Prestige, 300000 gold, 10 Freedom medals and 5 Justice medals.

    Furstin: This is the Ninth Title, You are allowed 9 cities
    Quest requirements: Rank General, 128000 Prestige, 400000 gold, 10 Justice medals and 5 Nation medals.

    Prinzessin: This is the Tenth Title, You are allowed 10 cities
    Quest requirements: Rank General, 256000 Prestige, 500000 gold, 30 Justice medals and 15 Nation medals

    Why have my resources stopped increasing?

    Each resource has a maximum storage capacity in each city; this will be dependent on how many of that resource building you have, the resource buildings' level, and the stockpile technology. To avoid this happening you can either train more troops, move the resources to another city or donate them to someone in your alliance, or sell them on the market to make some gold which has unlimited capacity. You can see the maximum capacity moving your cursor over the resource display on the right.
    Maximum resource capacity does not mean the limit the city can hold, it just means the amount at which that particular resource will stop being produced by the city. You can go over this limit with by any amount of resources you wish to.

    Why did my food consumption just shoot up suddenly?

    There are a few things that can cause an unaccounted for rise in food consumption. You may have troops reinforced in a valley unknowingly; these troops will each twice as much as they would within your city. You should check all of those cities' valleys.
    Another possibility is that someone in your alliance has secretly reinforced you in order to cut their own food bill. You should check your embassy to see if this has happened, if so dismiss them and report this person to your host.
    There also exists the possibility that a large number of troops just finished training in your barracks.

    Why is my gold production negative?

    Each hero will take a salary in gold which will vary depending on the level. As you advance in the game, your gold production will become negative and you will need to sell resources at the market or farm NPCs to continue paying your heroes.
    The only ways to get a positive number is to increase taxes proportionately, dismiss some heroes, or move heroes to another city. However, by the time your gold production becomes negative, you should already be getting enough gold to sustain yourself without positive production.

    Why is my loyalty going down?

    Your loyalty is determined by factors such as public grievance, and your tax rate. Tax rate can be moved instantly, but loyalty and population will slowly trend toward wherever the equilibrium of that equation says they should be.

    Loyalty will slowly move toward the equilibrium point.
    Equilibrium is 100 - tax rate - public grievance = loyalty
    Loyalty will be the percentage of your population capacity that will settle in your city.

    Tax rate can be moved instantly, but loyalty and population will slowly trend toward wherever the equilibrium of that equation says they should be.


    Further reading:

    Quick start guide: Link!


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    How do I move heroes to a different city?

    Heroes can be moved between cities by selecting the reinforce option in the rally point's march screen. You just need to select the hero to move and at least one soldier to go with him. There must be free spaces in the feasting hall of the destination city or the hero will return.

    What is each hero attribute used for?

    Politics - Heroes with high politics will usually serve as your cities' Mayor. They greatly enhance the production of resources, as well as cut building times for buildings and wall fortifications.

    Attack - Is used when attacking and defending cities as attack enhances units fighting capability. These heroes are useful when farming NPCs as they can use fewer troops without getting losses. They can also be temporarily appointed as Mayor when you queue troops as they cut recruitment time.

    Intelligence - Can be used when attacking and defending cities. Are mostly used for attaining a greater level of information in scout reports, but can also be used to reduce academy research time when appointed as Mayor.

    What is Base stat and how is it calculated?

    Base stat is the stat of your hero if s/he was level 0. This is commonly only used for the highest hero stat. So if you have a level 5 hero with 64 attack and a level 2 hero with 62 attack, the level 2 hero would be superior due to a higher base stat.

    Level 5 hero: 64 - 5 = 59 base.
    Level 2 hero: 62 - 2 = 60 base.

    It is advised that all heroes you own should have a base stat of at least 60-65, but with a little patience you can find heroes with 69+.

    How do I get a good hero from the inn?

    In order to get a group of good heroes, you will need a level 1-3 inn, some free spaces in your feasting hall, and a lot of gold.
    You just constantly hire heroes, and then dismiss them until you find some that you like and want to keep. You should usually look for heroes with of 69 base.

    How do I get more experience for my heroes?

    At the start of a server, you should be attacking low level valleys and NPCs in order to get experience for your heroes, you will also get additional resources this way to replace the troops you lose.

    As you get more troops, you can attack NPCs of level 6-9, which will give far more resources and experience for your heroes.

    Attack level 9 NPCs with 98k archers. This is good for training your politics and intelligence heroes, but it is also good for getting your attack/defense heroes to 150-200 attack.

    Later in the game you may be able to attack level 10 NPCs. You will need to use a mix of archers and layers to be effective at it.
    The best formula when your hero is below 150-180 attack is 90500 archers, 3500 scouts, 1000 pikemen, 1000 swordsmen, 2000 transporters, 2000 ballistas.
    When your hero reaches 180+ you should start using 92000 archers, 2000 scouts, 2000 workers, 2000 warriors, 2000 transporters.

    How much experience do I get for each unit I kill?

    The experience you gain is dependent on the number of troops you kill, and their respective values. This is the experience you gain from each unit:

    Worker: 2.25
    Warrior: 3.05
    Scout: 6.95
    Pikeman: 9
    Swordsman: 13.5
    Archer: 13.5
    Cavalry: 28.5
    Cataphract: 87.5
    Transporter: 29.75
    Ballistae: 100
    Battering Ram: 137.5
    Catapult: 290
    Trap: 8.75
    Abaitis: 16.75
    Archer's Tower: 54.5
    Rolling log: 63
    Defensive Trebuchet: 166

    What does my heroes' attack need to be in order to get instant troop training?

    Warriors: 432
    Workers: 571
    Scouts: 709
    Pikemen: 790
    Swordsmen: 871
    Archers: 959
    Cavalry: 1030
    Transporters: 1168
    Cataphracts: 1249
    Ballistae: 1388
    Battering rams: 1468
    Catapults: 1526

    What does my heroes' politics need to be in order to get instant wall fortifications?

    Traps: 607
    Abatis: 745
    Archers tower: 826
    Rollinglogs: 965
    Trebuchets: 1066


    Further reading:

    Gaining, training, and using powerful heroes: Link!
    Leveling politic heroes: Link!


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    What do all of the scouting adjectives mean?

    Few: 1-24
    Pack: 25-49
    Lots: 50-99
    Horde: 100-249
    Throng: 250-499
    Swarm: 500-000
    Zounds: 1000-2499
    Legion: 2500-4999
    Bulk: 5000-9999
    Giga: 10,000+

    Why do I sometimes lose my hero when I lose an attack?

    A hero with 100 loyalty can still be captured if it loses a battle, as the chance of its capture is calculated after the battle when it would have lost 5 loyalty.

    Basically, once the hero loses, their loyalty is 95. That's why there's a 5% chance of losing them.

    The formula is technically 100 - (loyalty left after battle) = % chance to capture.

    What is a compact defence?

    There are lots of arguments about the best troop mix for a compact defence. The bottom line is that a CD has zero traps/abatis. It's a defence made to start the battle at normal range, instead of 5k distance. No-one will ever agree on the proper troop mix, but even one trap or abatis makes the defence lose its "compact" quality. If there is even one trap/abatis, then the city does not qualify as "compact defence."

    Why did I lose my hero when sending a scout bomb?

    There will always be a chance of losing a hero if it was an attack, even if the battle went to 100 rounds and no-one actually won.

    How do I get rid of honour?

    In order to remove your honour, you need to attack someone and lose a greater value of troops than you kill. This is why it is best to send un-layered attacks of either warriors or scouts as they will do little damage and you can drop honour quickly that way.

    Why did I get a report telling me that my troops and resources were plundered on the way to my friends' city?

    As a measure to discourage multi-accounting and overall cheating, a feature has been introduced to stop weaker/smaller players reinforcing more experienced/stronger ones. This depends on the prestige of both players, below is a table showing the ratio that will cause you to be plundered while marching:

    0-2.99x prestige = 0% losses
    3-4.99x prestige = 46% losses
    5-6.99x prestige = 73% losses
    7-8.99x prestige = 86% losses
    9+ x prestige = 93% losses

    What do I do if the city I am attacking is stuck at 1 loyalty?

    If a city has 99 grievance, it will stop at 1 loyalty. If a city is at 1 loyalty, it will be unable to gain any more grievance. So, if you grieve a city to 99 (or less if there's a tax rate in the target city), the city will halt at 1 loyalty, and become "stuck."

    The solution is easy. Some people stop the loyalty grind when you pass the 15 loyalty threshold, and attack once every 6 minutes. Do not do this. Keep attacking with spam waves. You won't take loyalty down faster than 1 every 6 minutes, but you can still add to grievance. You need to get the grievance to 100 before the loyalty gets to 1. Just attack and get 100 grievance as soon as possible, even if the loyalty is still in double digits. With 100 grievance you can take the city once the loyalty drops from 1 to 0.

    Let's say you grind grievance up to 100, by the time loyalty has dwindled to 10. You can then wait 60 minutes (give or take a few minutes depending on when the 6 minute "tick" is in relation to your last attack). Then just send one attack and you will take the city that has grieved itself to 0 loyalty.

    How many warriors should I attack valleys and NPCs with at the start of a server?


    Level One: 600
    Level Two: 1,200
    Level Three: 1,600
    Level Four: 2,200
    Level Five: 3,000
    Level Six: 3,500
    Level Seven: 5,200+
    Level Eight: 9,000+
    Level Nine: 16,000+
    Level Ten: 20,000+


    Level One: 2,500
    Level Two: 5,500
    Level Three: 13,000
    Level Four: 20,000
    Level Five: 29,000
    Level Six: 35,000
    Level Seven: 55,000
    Level Eight: 80,000
    Level Nine: 100,000
    Level Ten: Not possible without exceptionally powerful hero.


    Further reading:

    Hellfires combat guide: Link!
    Honour dropping in detail: Link!
    Combat calculator redux: Link!

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    How do you make an NPC?

    An NPC is created every time you abandon one of your cities. The level of the NPC will be equal to the level of the flat it is built upon. When making NPCs on mass, it you should wait until the flat is the desired level of NPC, then build a city and abandon straight away. No buildings are required to make an NPC; your city can be empty when you abandon it.

    What technologies do I need to attack NPCs?

    You will usually be attacking level 5 NPCs to start with, for which you will need at least level 7 archery, and level 6 horseback riding. Military tradition also plays a minor role in attacking lower level NPCs, so it is important to upgrade that too.

    Later in the game you may want to attack level 10 NPCs instead. It is vital to most technologies at 10, the most important being archery. However compass should remain at level 9 during this time. You only need to upgrade it to 10 when you start sustaining higher losses on attacks, or when your hero reaches about 180-210 attack.

    What is the regeneration rate for the resources and fortifications within an NPC city?

    Resources will reach the full amount after they have not been farmed for 8 hours. The fortifications will regenerate as the rate of 10% every 6 minutes, and reach their maximum after 1 hour.

    Why have I started to lose troops attacking NPCs when I didn't get losses before?

    It is likely that your technologies have recently changed. It is important to keep horseback riding 1 level below archery in order to prevent losses. By the time both of these technologies reach level 9, this no longer matters and they can both be upgraded to 10 without getting losses.
    Another possibility is that your hero is too weak. You can fix this by sending more ballistas when you attack.


    Further reading:

    Advanced level 10 NPC guide: Link!
    Everything about NPC farming: Link!


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    Where can new forum accounts make post/threads and where?

    Forum accounts of Civilian rank will not be able to post threads anywhere. The only exception is in the Help & Questions section where anyone can post threads.
    Once accounts reach the Knight title, they will be able to freely post in most places of the forum except for the staff posting only sections and archive.

    What are the forum ranks and how do I achieve them?

    Civilian - default
    Knight - 15 posts
    Baronet - 50 posts + 30 days
    Baron - 100 posts + 60 days
    Viscount - 200 posts + 90 days
    Earl - 350 posts + 120 days
    Marquis - 600 posts + 150 days
    Duke - 1000 posts + 6 months + 200 rep
    Furstin - 1500 posts + 9 months + 300 rep
    Prinzessin - 3000 posts + 1 year + 400 rep

    What are signatures, and how do I get one?

    Signatures are images which are made by graphic designers on forums. If you want one, you can visit the graphics section of this forum and follow the guidelines to request one. Signatures can also contain text and links etc.
    Once you have what you want to put into your signature, you click on the User CP button at the top left of the screen, and go to ?Edit Signature?, you can follow the instructions there to set it as well as add any extras that you may want.
    Some possible signature features can only be used once your forum account has reached a certain title.

    How do I give and get reputation points?

    You should be making useful posts that contribute and are helpful. Taking part in discussions and becoming a well-liked member of the community will go a long way in achieving this. This thread will explain more about how to give it, and a lot more information about it.

    Why do different people give different amounts of reputation?

    Each member gives a certain number of reputation points which will be proportionate to certain criteria that need to be met. These criteria are:

    After achieving the first 50 posts, users will gain a reputation altering power of +1.
    Every 365 days (1 year) after the creation of your forum account gives users +1 reputation-altering power.
    Every 1000 posts give users +1 reputation altering power.
    Every 100 reputation points a member earns gives +1 reputation altering power.

    I get a message telling me to spread more reputation around before I can give it to another user again, how many people do I need to give it to before I can?

    You must give reputation to at least 21 other members before you can give it to the same member again.

    How do I take a screenshot, and upload it to the forum?

    1.) Press the print screen button on your keyboard.
    2.) Open photo editing software, such as Microsoft Paint.
    3.) Paste selection, but pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard.
    4.) Edit the screenshot as you choose, and save it.
    5.) Upload it to an image hosting site such as Imageshack.
    6.) You can upload it to the forum by using image tags: [IMG] URL HERE [/IMG] .

    Why won't the moderators help me with my issue?

    Moderators only moderate the forum, and are not actual Evony staff. All customer service issues must either be sent to customer service, and if that fails, follow this process.
    If you require an answer concerning a game feature, some moderators may be able to help, but you will usually get a faster and more accurate answer by posting this question in the Help & Questions section.

    How do I become a forum moderator?

    Forum moderators are offered a volunteer position after it has been determined they are an asset to the community. This includes being friendly, being active, having good grammar, being able to get to know and become friends with the other members, and being helpful whenever you can. The proposed electorates for a moderation position usually get noticed on the recommendations of the current moderators.

    What are forum guides?

    Forum guides are neither forum moderators nor Evony staff. They have no special permissions on the forums beyond any regular member, and in no way represent Evony, or are held to any standard above that of regular forum members. But, in general, the title let's people know they can trust the advice of forum guides, who are awarded the title for being exceedingly helpful around the forum.


    Further reading:

    Reputation: Link!
    How to do an advanced search: Link!
    How to be a good forum poster: Link!
    So you want to be a moderator: Link!
    Reload this Page Forum Ranks: Mods, Senior Mods, Reps and Admins: Link!


    FAQ introduction | General game and rules information | Alliance | City building and features | Heroes | Combat and marching | NPCs | Forum | Additional information

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    As clarification on the coming server merges of 6th December, here are some answers to common questions that usually get asked concerning server merges.
    The original announcement thread can be found here.


    How long are the servers going to be offline during the merge process?

    The servers will go offline at 00:00 (12AM) server time, and are expected to be back online at 12:00 (12PM). So that is a total of 12 hours.
    Troops will have no upkeep for this time period.

    How long after the new servers come online will zero upkeep last?

    Zero upkeep will last for three days, starting from midnight when the servers go offline to begin the merge process.

    What will the map size of the new servers be?

    All of the new Super Servers are going to have a map size of 800 x 800.

    Is there likely be any performance issues with the servers immediately after their release?

    There are not expected to be, but if too many players try to log into them immediately after they open, there is a change of the login server being overloaded and some logins denied. In this case it is best to wait a while and try again when things are quieter.

    Will inactive accounts that have had money spent on them be transferred to the new Super Servers with the active players?

    Probably, yes. There is a policy to never delete any accounts that have had money spent on them, so any that have not been removed on their current servers are likely to be transferred alongside active players.

    Why are you merging servers that weren't released consecutively? Won't it be unfair?

    This concern might be valid with very new servers but servers tend to equalize within a few months of opening. Server age is not a major factor governing spending habits or advancement of players on established servers.

    Why was my server skipped?

    We carefully analyze the activity rate on each server before deciding if it should be merged. We also listen to input from players about whether their server should be merged. The chances are your server is active and is not in need of a merger. However, it may be merged in the future.

    How are the names of alliances, changed if there are two of the same name on multiple of the merging servers?

    If there is a Rome alliance on S127, and a Rome alliance on S132, the S127 alliance will be changed to "Rome_S128", and the one on S132 will be changed to "Rome_S133"; one number greater than the server they originated from.
    You can then disband your alliance and reform with the original name using the free Ritual of Pact the host received, or choose another name if another alliance beat you to it.


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    Looking very good so far, i have a few things you could add to it. I'll PM it to you once you're done so i don't suggest things you're already planning to add ^_^

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